KFC Menu and Price List in South Africa with PDF | 2024

Knowing the KFC Menu price in South Africa is essential for many reasons. For example, if you are planning a family meal, a friend’s gathering after a long time, a quick lunch, or budgeting your meal during a visit to South Africa, knowing the KFC menu prices will help you make informed decisions. It’s important because every cent counts during a visit, and being aware of the prices allows you to enjoy your favorite meal without overspending at KFC South Africa. 

The KFC Menu South Africa offers a variety of items to satisfy your cravings. From classic finger fries to fried chicken, burgers to wraps, sides to desserts, there is something delicious for everyone. Their favorite menu includes Zinger Burger, Wings, Twister Wraps, and a wide range of bucket meals for sharing. Remember that the prices may vary depending on the location in South Africa, from R30-R150 or more. 

KFC Burger Menu Price in South Africa

Double Sweet Chilli Cheese Crunch BurgerR 35,90
Double Sweet Chilli Cheese Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Dunked Crunch BurgerR 35,90
Dunked Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Peri Prego Crunch BurgerR 35,90
Peri Prego Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Double Crunch BurgerR 62,90
Colonel BurgerR 51,90
Zinger BurgerR 51,90
Krusher Burger Combo – OreoR 89,90
Verry Berry Krusher Burger MealR 89,90

KFC Burger Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientPer Serve
Serving Size1 burger
Energy1847 kj
Calories441 kcal
– Saturated Fat4.400g
– Trans Fat0.400g
– Polyunsaturated Fat4.200g
– Monounsaturated Fat4.700g

KFC is known for its delicious burgers in South Africa, catering to delicious tastes and preferences. KFC burger menu South Africa includes a Zinger Burger, a Colonel Burger, a crispy chicken filet with fresh lettuce and mayo, and more. The prices are generally R30 to R50 (but don’t forget to see the latest prices), making them more affordable options than other meals.

Their customers appreciate the quality, ingredients, and overall prices of the KFC burger in South Africa. They love their combos with fries and drinks to have a complete meal experience. The prices may be affected regionally and by your requirements. But knowing the menu prices will make you have a great lunch.

KFC Box Meal Menu Price

MenuPrices (R)
All in One FeastR 173,90
Nugget Box BuddyR 72,90
Streetwise snack pack popsR 35,90
Streetwise snack pack burgerR 35,90
Double Sweet Chilli Cheese Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Double sweet chilli box buddyR 69,90
Dunked Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Dunked crunch box buddyR 69,90
Peri Prego Crunch Burger meal buddyR 57,90
Peri Prego box BuddyR 69,90
MenuPrices (R)
Crunchmaster Sweet ChilliR 65,90
Crunchmaster Peri Peri (Prego)R 65,90
Crunchmaster DunkedR 65,90
Crunchmaster Sweet Chilli Box MealR 105,90
Crunchmaster Peri Peri (Prego) Box MealR 105,90
Crunchmaster Dunked Box MealR 105,90
Chocolate MilkshakeR 31,90
Strawberry MilkshakeR 31,90
Twister Duo Free BuddyR 119,90
Krusher Burger Combo – OreoR 89,90
MenuPrices (R)
All-in-One FeastR 173,90
Family Treat 10pcR 299,90
Family Treat 8pcR 251,90
NutrientAmount% RI*
Calories945 (3954 kJ)
Fat42.9 g61%
Saturated Fat5.4 g27%
Carbohydrate95.4 g
Sugars7.3 g
Protein42.2 g84%
Salt3.4 g56%

It brings great value, combining several tastes into one convenient package. Typically, a Meal Box consists of some main items like a burger, a side (chips or drink), or a chicken piece. People like to buy Zinger Box Meal and Colonel Burger box meals for their affordable prices. 

All the customers love their variety of KFC Box Meals such as Zinger burger, spicy and crispy chicken filet, and more. Whether it’s your lunch or dinner, you will be satisfied. Each Box Meal is loved due to its balanced protein, refreshing beverage, carbs, and other body requirements.

KFC Twisters Menu Price in South Africa

BoxMasterR 76,90
Classic TwisterR 66,90
Sweet Chilli TwisterR 66,90

KFC Twisters Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientAmount Per Serving% Daily Values*
Serving Size1 serving
Total Fat12.50g16%
– Saturated Fat4.400g22%
– Trans Fat0.100g
– Polyunsaturated Fat4.300g
– Monounsaturated Fat3.900g
Total Carbohydrate37.40g14%
– Dietary Fiber3.4g12%
– Sugars4.30g
Vitamin D

The prices usually range from R40 to R60 (don’t forget to check the latest prices), depending on the location and variant. Everyone praises them for their balanced taste, affordability, quality ingredients, and perfect to eat anytime.

KFC Buckets Menu Price in South Africa

9 Piece BucketR 182,90
15 Piece BucketR 279,90
21 Piece BucketR 365,90

KFC Buckets Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientAmount% RI*
Calories850 (3556 kJ)
Fat46.3 g66%
Saturated Fat8.3 g42%
Carbohydrate49 g
Sugars0.2 g
Protein55.2 g110%
Salt2.8 g47%

KFC burgers are famous and most liked by foreigners in South Africa who are never satisfied with low-quality food. Their zinger burger is popular due to its crispy chicken filet and one of the most-demanded burgers. 

Similarly, the original Colonel Burger is for people who prefer classic taste. Remember that all the burgers are paired with fresh lettuce, tomato, KFC’s special sauces, and soft buns. The prices range from R30 to R50 (check the latest prices) and are affordable for everyone.

KFC South Africa is always praised for its consistency, taste, and quality of the burgers with drink for added value. KFC buckets are a perfect option for sharing with family and friends. It typically includes a mix of KFC signature, fried chicken pieces, drumsticks, thighs, wings, and breasts.

KFC Wings Menu Price in South Africa

MenuPrices (R)
10 Dunked WingsR 97,90
10 Zinger WingsR 85,90
4 Dunked WingsR 49,90
4 Zinger WingsR 43,90
24 Zinger WingsR 182,90

KFC Wings Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientAmount Per Serving
Serving Size1 wing (22 g)
Energy293 kJ
Calories70 kcal
Protein4.00 g
Carbohydrates4.00 g
Sugar0.00 g
Fat4.00 g
– Saturated Fat0.500 g
Cholesterol20 mg
Fibre0.0 g
Sodium140 mg

They cater to the concentration of every visit with their delicious wings for their taste and preferences. Whether you like mild, spicy, crispy, or saucy, there is something for everyone. You will find several options here, such as Hot Wings, for a great spicy kick. The prices range from R20 to R100 (verify the latest prices) depending upon what you choose to eat. 

Customers love KFC wings for their flavor, spice, delicious coating and juicy meat. Everyone likes these wings for both individual meals and family gatherings. You can also enjoy them with KFC signature sides such as coleslaw, chips, or mashed potatoes. Moreover, you will enjoy them when you will get them at affordable prices.

KFC Streetwise Menu Price in South Africa

Streetwise Two with ChipsR 49,90
Streetwise Bucket For 1R 46,90
Streetwise Two with Regular PapR 49,90
Streetwise Three with ChipsR 72,90
Streetwise Five with ChipsR 121,90
Streetwise Three with Regular PapR 72,90
Streetwise 1 BuddyR 52,90
Crunch Burger Box BuddyR 71,90
Streetwise 5 BuddyR 143,90

KFC Streetwise Menu Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientAmount Per Serving
Serving Size1 serving
Energy3602 kJ
Calories861 kcal
Protein30.10 g
Carbohydrates105.00 g
Sugar46.20 g
Fat34.80 g
– Saturated Fat13.800 g
– Trans Fat0.000 g
– Polyunsaturated Fat7.500 g
– Monounsaturated Fat13.500 g
Cholesterol115 mg
Fibre5.6 g
Sodium1586 mg
Potassium862 mg

It’s a popular choice for those looking for an affordable but tasty meal. It brings several options on the table like the Streetwise Two (two pieces of chicken and a small portion of chips) and the Streetwise Five (five pieces of chicken for sharing). The price ranges from R30 to R90 (but check the latest prices) . That is one of the best options in the market. 

The customers appreciate the Streetwise Menu for its affordability. Combination, and a satisfying portion. Young professionals and students are mostly likely to have it in friends’ gatherings. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy them.

KFC Menu Family Treat Prices in South Africa

All-in-One FeastR 194,90
Family Treat 8pcR 274,90
2 Can Dine BuddyR 164,90
Family Treat 10pcR 316,90

KFC Family Meal Nutrition Facts Table

NutrientAmount% RI*
Calories930 (3891 kJ)
Fat47.5 g68%
Saturated Fat8.5 g43%
Carbohydrate67.1 g
Sugars5.6 g
Protein60.3 g121%
Salt3.4 g56%

Family treats are necessary when you are on an international tour or even if you are residing in South Africa. KFC family treats are presented to cater the larger groups looking for affordable and delicious meal options. Typically, it includes a mixture of KFC famous fried chicken pieces, sides, fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and drinks. 

The most popular Family Treats are Family Feast and Streetwise Bucket, which provide a generous mixture of chicken pieces. The prices are highly affordable and range from R150 to R300, depending on the location and package (don’t forget to check the latest price). 

Customers appreciate these family treats for their value, convenience, and economical options for special occasions. 

They always offer consistent quality and taste with the ability to satisfy every member of the deal.

KFC Promotion Deals with Prices in South Africa

All-in-One FeastR 194,90
Family Treat 8pcR 274,90
2 Can Dine BuddyR 164,90
Family Treat 10pcR 316,90
New ZingerR 60,90
Streetwise 1 BuddyR 52,90
Crunch Burger Box BuddyR 71,90
Streetwise 5 BuddyR 143,90
Jalapeno Loaded FriesR 32,90
Streetwise snack pack burgerR 36,90
Streetwise snack pack popsR 36,90
All in One FeastR 194,90
Nugget Box BuddyR 78,90
Chocolate MilkshakeR 31,90
Strawberry MilkshakeR 31,90
Double Crunch BurgerR 68,90
New Colonel BurgerR 60,90
New ZingerR 60,90

KFC South Africa runs several promotional deals to provide customers with valuable food for the money they spend. The most popular promotions include combo meals, combining several items like chicken pieces, fries, burgers, and drinks at discounted prices. 

These deals cater to the attention of individuals and families looking for a quick lunch or delicious dinner.

The customers appreciate these promotional deals because of substantial savings and getting a variety of food. Remember that KFC SA frequently updates their offer, so keep visiting this page to get the latest information. 

Additionally, they offer deals on holidays, events, and special occasions to encourage customers to share their happiness with family or others.

KFC Breakfast Menu Price in South Africa

A.M. Delux with EggR 66,90
Brekkie Crunch BurgerR 45,90
4 Dunked WingsR 54,90
4 Zinger WingsR 48,90
A.M. Riser PattyR 36,90
10 Dunked WingsR 104,90
A.M. Snacker PattyR 36,90
10 Zinger WingsR 89,90
9 Piece BucketR 182,90
21 Piece BucketR 365,90
15 Piece BucketR 279,90
Cappy Juice R 20,90R 20,90
A.M. Crunch Wrap R 45,90R 45,90

You can enjoy your breakfast at KFC at reasonable prices and relish different preferences. The popular items in breakfast are AM DeluxeBurger (fried egg, cheese, crispy chicken filet, and a hash brown on a freshly toasted bun). There are several other options available, including breakfast wrap, chicken filet featuring scrambled eggs, cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla, and hash brown twins as a perfect quick morning snack. 

The price ranges from R20 to R50 on your customized order (check the latest prices). The customers appreciate their quick service and convenience. You can enjoy the local taste in the early morning, aligning your busy schedule. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to start their day with a delicious meal.

KFC Drinks Menu Price in South Africa

Coca-Cola Sugar Buddy 440mlR 24,90
Coke 1.5 LitreR 32,90
Coke No Sugar Buddy 440mlR 22,90
Oreo KrusherR 42,90
Fanta Sugar BuddyR 24,90
Sprite Sugar BuddyR 24,90
Bonaqua Still Spring Water 500mlR 19,90
Verry Berry KrusherR 42,90
Coke No Sugar 1.5 LiterR 29,90

KFC Drinks Nutrition Facts Table

Pepsi250Medium (20 oz)
Diet Pepsi0Medium (20 oz)
Mountain Dew290Medium (20 oz)
Sierra Mist250Medium (20 oz)
Sweet Tea220Medium (20 oz)
Unsweetened Tea0Medium (20 oz)
Strawberry Lemonade290Medium (20 oz)
Mango Lemonade310Medium (20 oz)
Cherry Lemonade310Medium (20 oz)
Iced Coffee (Vanilla)160Medium
Chocolate Milkshake600Medium
Vanilla Milkshake590Medium
Strawberry Milkshake620Medium
Cookies & Cream Milkshake650Medium

They offer several types of beverages to complement their delicious meals. From soothing iced teas to refreshing sodas, you can get what satisfies your taste buds. Usually, people like to order classic Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but KFC always caters their attention to more options like Fanta and Sprite. You can also take a caffeine kick and a comprehensive menu of the host beverages like tea and coffee. 

They understand the customers preferences and maintain taste with affordability. The price usually depends on the type and size of the drink. So, you can accompany yourself with a crazy fizzy drink to start your day.

KFC Menu Treat Prices in South Africa

Oreo KrusherR 42,90
Chocolate MilkshakeR 31,90
Verry Berry Krusher R 42,90R 42,90
Strawberry MilkshakeR 31,90

Menu Treat meets the affordability and taste requirements of the customers. From iconic original recipe check to zesty zinger burger, you can enjoy everything under your budget. You can expect a wide range of combo deals like streetwise buckets to share with family and friends, etc. 

Understanding the customers’ preferences, KFC also offers several local options like Pap Twist Meal, and more. They always focus on the quality ingredients and different portions. It’s suitable for individuals and groups of people for dining . So, if you are craving a snack, you can enjoy an unbeatable taste here.

KFC Snacks and Sides Menu Price in South Africa

Regular ChipsR 26,90
Mini LoafR 14,90
Regular Mash & GravyR 19,90
WrapstaR 42,90
Large PopsR 54,90
Dunked PopsR 36,90
PopsR 29,90
Crunch BurgerR 36,90
1 Piece ChickenR 26,90
Snack BurgerR 29,90
Large Mash & GravyR 27,90
Regular Sprinkle PopsR 54,90
Oreo KrusherR 42,90
Regular ColeslawR 24,90
6pc NuggetsR 36,90
9pc NuggetsR 42,90
4 Dunked WingsR 54,90
Colonel DipR 10,00
Verry Berry KrusherR 42,90
4 Zinger WingsR 48,90
10 Dunked WingsR 104,90
10 Zinger WingsR 89,90
Sweet Chilli DipR 10,00
Jalapeno Loaded FriesR 32,90

KFC Snacks and Sides Nutrition Facts Table

ItemServing SizeCalories
Popcorn ChickenRegular310
Chicken Little Sandwich1 Sandwich310
Extra Crispy Tenders1 Tender130
3 Tenders390
6 Tenders780
Potato WedgesIndividual290
Mac & CheeseIndividual180
Biscuit1 Biscuit180

You can enjoy a variety of snacks and sides, full of tastes and preferences. From classic zinger wings to the beloved streetwise 2, you can enjoy everything you want. These snacks and sides are popular among everyone due to their satisfying flavors and affordability. I’m sure it will be an ideal for a quick bite to complement a meal.

The customers opt for this menu to eat their main dishes and a satisfying meal experience. There are several popular options like the Colonel’s Salad, Dunked Wings, BBQ Loaded Chips, and more. In short, you will find everything including light snacks or hearty sides.

KFC Featured Items in South Africa

Streetwise Two with ChipsR 49,90
Streetwise Two with Regular PapR 49,90
All Star Box with Buddy BottleR 94,90
Jalapeno Loaded FriesR 32,90
1o dunked wings R 104,90
Streetwise Bucket For 1R 46,90
10 Zinger WingsR 89,90
4 Zinger WingsR 48,90
Streetwise Three with ChipsR 72,90
New Colonel BurgerR 60,90
4 Dunked WingsR 54,90

You can find the delighted featured items of KFC here. Try taste like Zinger wings or the streetwise 2 Combo. Their featured menu has something for everyone so you don’t have to worry about it during your visit to South Africa. Each special food is made with special ingredients to excite the flavor. Whether you love spicy chicken or dunked wings, several delicious options are waiting for you at KFC South Africa. 

KFC Dessert Menu Price in South Africa

Oreo KrusherR26.90
Verry Berry KrusherR26.90
Soft Serve TwirlR5.90
Soft Serve Twirl with ChocR9.90
Chocolate SundaeR17.90
Mixed Berry SundaeR17.90

KFC New Menu Price in South Africa 2024

9 Piece Chicken + Free Large Chips DealGet 9 pieces of crispy chicken and a free large serving of chips.R149.90
Wrapsta Box with Small DrinkEnjoy a wrap filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, along with a small drink.R56.90
Wicked Zinger Lunch BoxGet a spicy zinger fillet, a small serving of chips, and a small drink.R49.90
Fully Loaded Box MealThis meal includes a zinger fillet, a mini fillet, a small serving of chips, a small drink, and a piece of mash and gravy.R74.90
KFC Crunch BurgerThis burger features a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, all sandwiched between a toasted bun.R22.90
Hot Zinger BurgerThis burger is made with a spicy zinger fillet, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, all sandwiched between a toasted bun.R39.90
Streetwise FiveThis meal includes 5 pieces of chicken, a small serving of chips, and a small drink.R6.90
Streetwise FeastThis meal includes 8 pieces of chicken, a large serving of chips, and a small drink.R9.90
Zinger Wings BucketThis bucket includes 24 zinger wings.R114.90
Family TreatThis meal includes 6 pieces of chicken, 2 large servings of chips, and your choice of 3 sides.R144.90
Ka-Ching Under 20 BucksThis meal includes a snack burger and a small drink.R18.90
Mini TwisterThis twister is made with a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, all wrapped in a tortilla.R19.90
ColeslawThis side dish is made with cabbage, carrots, and mayonnaise.R14.90
Green SaladThis side salad is made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion.R29.90
KFC SaladThis side salad is made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, and a choice of chicken, beef, or veggie patty.R42.90
Mini LoafThis small loaf is made with white bread.R5.90
Mash & GravyThis side dish is made with mashed potatoes and gravy.R9.90
ChipsThese chips are made with potatoes and are served hot and crispy.R14.90
Coca-ColaThis drink is made with carbonated water and cane sugar.R9.90
Soft TwirlThis soft-serve ice cream is served in a cone.R4.90
SundaeThis sundae is made with soft-serve ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.R14.90
Kream BallThis ball of ice cream is made with soft-serve ice cream and your choice of topping.R14.90

KFC Delivery Menu Price in South Africa

24 Zinger Wings Bucket24 succulent winglets breaded in our hot Zinger breading, cooked to crispy-brown perfection.R312.90
All In One FeastEnjoy 6 pieces of original recipe chicken, 1 large chips, 1 regular coleslaw, plus 2 regular mash and gravies.R192.90
2 Can Dine BuddyEnjoy 4 pieces of original recipe chicken, 2 small chips, 1 small pops, and 2 buddy no sugar drinks.R161.90
Oreo Krusher Burger MealColonel Burger, large chips, and a creamy Oreo Krusher.R95.90
Verry Berry Krusher Burger MealEnjoy a Colonel Burger, a Verry Berry Krusher, and large chips.R102.90
Zinger BurgerA delicious chicken patty coated in fiery Zinger sauce, topped with shredded lettuce and Colonel’s secret sauce on a toasted bun.R53.90
Zinger BoxGet a Zinger Burger, large chips, and a regular drink.R71.90
Original Recipe Chicken BucketGet 10 pieces of our delicious original recipe chicken.R109.90
Large ChipsA large portion of our crispy chips.R38.90
Regular DrinkChoose from a Coke, Sprite, or Fanta.R26.90

KFC Online OrderMenu Price in South Africa

9Pc + Free Large Chips Deal9 pieces of chicken with a free large serving of chips.R149.90
Wrapsta Box with Small DrinkA wrap with chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, served with a small drink.R56.90
Family TreatA large bucket of chicken, a large serving of chips, and 4 regular drinks.R299.90
Box MealsA variety of box meals to choose from, including chicken, burgers, and wraps.R49.90 – R69.90
BurgersA variety of burgers to choose from, including the Zinger Burger and the Colonel’s Burger.R39.90 – R59.90
TwistersA variety of twisters to choose from, including the Chicken Twister and the Veggie Twister.R29.90 – R39.90
StreetwiseA variety of streetwise items to choose from, including the Chicken Lettuce Wrap and the Chicken Pop.R19.90 – R29.90
WingsA variety of wings to choose from, including the Hot Wings and the Mild Wings.R29.90 – R39.90
Anytime SnackingA variety of snacks to choose from, including the Popcorn Chicken and the Chicken Strips.R14.90 – R24.90
Snacks & SidesA variety of snacks and sides to choose from, including the Chips, the Coleslaw, and the Mashed Potatoes.R5.90 – R14.90
DrinksA variety of drinks to choose from, including soft drinks, coffee, and tea.R4.90 – R14.90
TreatsA variety of treats to choose from, including the Chocolate Eclair and the Ice Cream Sundae.R9.90 – R14.90

KFC Offer list in South Africa

KFC is a good place to visit, experience culture, and more. KFC is a leading food partner for all the nations. Their offer list includes Streetwise 2 Combo, Zinger Wings, Hot & Crispy Chicken, Dunked Wings, Family Feast, Tower Burger, Colonel Burger, Popcorn Chicken, and Snack Box. You can enjoy these items from any nearest KFC outlet in South Africa at an affordable price. 

KFC Tagline and Mission Statement

Their tagline states, “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”

Their mission is to serve everyone with great taste, high-quality ingredients, and a friendly environment at an affordable price. The aim is to give a delightful dining experience that is completely focused on customer satisfaction. They support community standards, and KFC always uses fresh and high-quality ingredients to maintain its quality and unique flavor. That’s why customers love their commitment.

KFC Opening And Closing Time in South Africa

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Sunday10:30 AM10:00 PM

During my visit, I observed that people face a lack of information and up-to-date information on KFC Menu Prices. That’s why this website is for everyone who doesn’t want to be surprised at the counter, mismanaged budget, and opportunities to enjoy meals. 

This guide will provide the latest KFC menu prices in South Africa to help you manage your meal and budget. Here, you will find all the information, whether it’s your first visit or you are a regular customer at KFC.

History of KFC

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has a long history, back in 1952 and was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. The founder was an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from his first roadside restaurant. 

It’s most famous for its fried chicken and a popular brand in the food-chain industry. It was a fast-food chain for fried chicken. After serving several customers, they have got several branches and become one of the best food-chain worldwide. After getting fame, he sold this company to a group of investors, John Y. Brown Jr. and Jack C. Massey, in 1964. 

KFC Expansion

NameKFC South Africa
Parent CompanyYum! Brands
HeadquartersJohannesburg, South Africa
CEODoug Smart
Number of LocationsOver 900 (as of latest available data)

KFC is growing in every region of the world, especially in South Africa. They are opening more restaurants in new places around the world. The primary purpose is to make people enjoy the taste of chicken and its delicious sides. From big cities to towns and small places, they are popping up to serve the best food. So, don’t worry where you go. You will enjoy fried chicken, burgers, sides, and beverages with KFC.

What are the unique items at KFC South Africa?

It’s famous for some special dishes prepared with local and standard ingredients, such as:

  • Chakalaka Chicken: A spicy dish with classic KFC chicken flavored with famous South African Chakalaka relish.
  • Pap and Gravy: It’s a traditional dish in South Africa that is prepared with maize and served with KFC’s savory gravy. 
  • Zinger Wings: Spicy and crispy chicken wings. 
  • Dunked Wings: They are KFC chicken wings coated with tangy and sweet sauce and are good to try as a different flavor. 
  • Streetwise Mix: It’s a meal combination with KFC chicken pieces and is suitable for sharing. 

Halal Food in KFC South Africa

They serve Hala food in many of their outlets in South Africa. So, if you are a Muslim, you don’t need to worry about the Halal food. The chicken is prepared according to the Islamic laws. Each Halal KFC restaurant has a certification from the local Halal authority if they need quality and Halal standards. 

They are committed to providing high-quality and delicious meals to all customers who want to eat Halal. So, choose KFC South Africa with confidence and order what you want.

Zinger Burger

The Zinger Burger is a crowd-pleaser, featuring a succulent chicken filet, spicy mayo, fresh lettuce, and a soft bun. It’s a flavorful choice that’s beloved by many for its perfect blend of spice and tenderness.

Original Recipe Chicken

KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken remains an all-time favorite. With its crispy coating and juicy, tender meat, this dish is a top pick for those seeking a certified halal option. KFC in South Africa offers a diverse menu, ensuring halal certification for peace of mind.

Hot Wings

For spice lovers, KFC’s Hot Wings are a must-try. These bite-sized chicken pieces are coated in a fiery seasoning, having a powerful burst of flavor with each bite.

Popcorn Chicken

KFC’s Popcorn Chicken is perfect as a snack or side dish. These bite-sized delights are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making them ideal for sharing.

Chicken Strips

A popular choice, KFC’s Chicken Strips are tender and seasoned to perfection. They’re great for dipping in KFC’s signature sauces, offering a delicious and versatile option.

Twister Wrap

The Twister Wrap is a convenient option for those on the go. It combines KFC’s flavorful chicken, fresh lettuce, and creamy mayo, all wrapped in a soft tortilla for a satisfying meal.


For a hearty meal, the Boxmaster is an excellent choice. It includes a juicy chicken filet, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, all wrapped in a warm tortilla, providing a filling and delicious option.

Chicken Rice Bowl

KFC’s Chicken Rice Bowl offers a wholesome combination of rice, tender chicken pieces, and a tasty sauce. It’s perfect for those craving a complete and flavorful meal.

Chicken Salad

For a healthier option, KFC’s Chicken Salad is an excellent choice. It features fresh lettuce, crispy chicken, and a variety of dressings, making it a guilt-free yet delicious option.

Strips Rice Box

This meal includes KFC’s flavorful chicken strips served over rice. It’s a balanced and satisfying option for a complete meal.

BBQ Chicken Meal

The BBQ Chicken Meal is a fantastic choice for lovers of smoky and spicy flavors. It features a succulent chicken piece smothered in KFC’s signature BBQ sauce, accompanied by a side and a drink.

Chicken Zinger Rice Box

The Chicken Zinger Rice Box combines the best of KFC’s Zinger Burger and flavorful rice. This complete meal offers a perfect blend of spicy flavors.

Chicken Fillet Burger

A classic choice, the Chicken Fillet Burger features a tender and juicy chicken filet, fresh lettuce, creamy mayo, and a soft bun, providing a always satisfying bite.

Halal Fast-Food Variety

KFC in South Africa provides a variety of halal fast-food options to cater to diverse tastes. From juicy burgers to crispy chicken pieces and healthy meals, KFC guarantees that halal diners can enjoy their favorite fast-food dishes with confidence and satisfaction.

What are the unique items at KFC South Africa?

Menu ItemServing SizeCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbohydrates (g)
Original Recipe Chicken1 piece (breast)320-35015-2025-3010-15
1 piece (thigh)250-30015-2020-255-10
1 piece (drumstick)160-20010-1515-205-10
1 piece (wing)130-1608-1210-155-10
Zinger Burger1 burger450-50020-2525-3035-40
Twister1 wrap400-45015-2020-2540-45
Popcorn ChickenRegular portion300-35015-2020-2520-25
Hot Wings4 pieces250-30015-2015-2010-15
Regular FriesRegular portion250-30012-153-535-40
Large FriesLarge portion450-50020-255-865-70
ColeslawRegular portion150-2008-121-315-20
Grilled Chicken SaladRegular portion250-30010-1525-3010-15
Caesar SaladRegular portion350-40020-2515-2025-30
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie200-25010-152-425-30

KFC South Africa Contact details

Call Us+27 21 683 2669
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Customer Care  3399-4444
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Why you choose KFC in South Africa?

If you are in South Africa, KFC is the best place to enjoy delicious food and deals. It’s an ideal place for fried chicken lovers, and people like it the most due to its tasty chicken, family deals, promotions, yummy sides, and refreshing beverages.

In KFC South Africa, some dishes are prepared with local ingredients so you can taste something extraordinary. Currently, they offer some special items for different nations like America, Chinese, South America, and Asia. In short, they want to make their customers satisfied with quality, taste, and affordability. 

So, when you are in South Africa, try only KFC; you will surely find a taste and price difference.


So, KFC in South Africa serves all the visitors with their quality taste and preferences. You can enjoy their special zinger burgers, Chakalaka Chicken, Halal food, fries, and more. In short, they have something for everyone, making every meal a delightful experience. Whether you want to start your day with delicious breakfast or want to enjoy with friends after a hectic routine, try KFC South Africa. 


Let’s discuss some faq’s for better understanding what actually KFC Menu in South Africa is providing:

Their latest menu offers Zinger Burger, sides, beverages, combos, and refreshing beverages including hot beverages. 

The prices vary with the food items, but a person can eat from R20 to R108 by ordering different foods. They also run special promotional offers, especially at events.

Some of their outlets in South Africa are Halal, which serves Halal food. Don’t forget to check the restaurant’s certification while visiting it. 

Yes, they offer online food delivery when you order from their official website. 

KFC is famous for fried chicken and such dishes. If you are a vegetarian, you may find some vegetable sides and snacks. So, you have to check the local menu of the selected outlet.