KFC Wings Menu and Price South Africa

If you want a satisfying meal experience with KFC Wings menu then you are at the right place. A variety of wings are introduced by the KFC wings menu along with a super mouthwatering sense. In this article, we will discuss all items included in the KFC wings menu in detail. So, let’s get started.

KFC mainly focus on chicken recipes or products along with various ingredients, spices and crunch. In every bite, customers enjoy the delicious flavor and love to eat food at KFC. South Africa’s KFC Menu can be an enjoyable and yummy meal for friends and families to celebrate special events or occasions. They can go to KFC to enjoy the wings menu or can order at their home, workplace or anywhere.

KFC Wings menu is basically consisting of hot wings like Dunked wings and Zinger wings. These wings are very popular among customers due to different tastes and spices. Every bite with Dunked wings and Zinger wings is full of taste and juicy because of their coated values while preparing.

KFC Wing Menu Items with Prices

For exploring KFC Wings Menus as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

KFC Wings menuDescriptionPricesCalories (kcal)
4 Dunked wings4 pieces of chicken wings marinated with honey and ginger sauces.R 54.90359
10 Dunked wings10 pieces of chicken wings marinated with honey and ginger sauces.R 104.90700
4 Zinger wings4 pieces of chicken wings coated with spices and breading crunch.R 48.90280
10 Zinger wings10 pieces of chicken wings coated with spices and breading crunch.R 89.901165
24 Zinger wings Bucket24 pieces of chicken wings with hot zinger flavors.R 194.902154

How KFC Wings are Best?

KFC Wings are considered as the best meal by KFC lovers, they prefer to choose their preferred wings meal and enjoy at their lunch or dinner timings. They are delicious and make customers happy with eating wings along with sauces dips and cold drinks. Customers can order their special deal menu as like 4 or 10 Dunked wings or 4, 10, or 24 pieces of Zinger wings at their official app or website.

There are many celebrations or events which can be made special by ordering this special KFC wings menu. Also KFC Burger Menu lovers like Dunked wings and Zinger wings due to their delicious taste and juicy bites. Their marinated values along with ginger sauces and honey make them more mouthwatering food items.

Furthermore, you have to grab this amazing KFC wings menu if you are a chicken lovers as well. You can order online at your workplace or home to make your celebrations more enjoyable and memorable. 24 pieces Zinger wings bucket is an amazing offer by the KFC wings menu and you can enjoy this wings deal with your loved ones.

More about KFC Wings Menu items:

Dunked Wings:

KFC offers a menu of 4 and 10 Dunked wings that are very delicious chicken hot wings coated with ginger sauce and honey. These Dunked wings are available with deal as 4 Dunked wings in R 54.90 and 10 Dunked wings in R 104.90 as affordable prices. You can enjoy your Dunked wings meal along with your special drink because fast food items become more enjoyable with beverages.

Dunked wings are prepared by a coating of spices and flavorful sauce which make the wings crunchier. Its spicy flavor is enjoyable for customers in high level satisfying cravings. Breading flour, honey, ginger sauce, soy sauce, palmolein oil and chicken wings are main ingredients for preparing these hot Dunked wings. On the other hand, allergen are also available in Dunked wings as like gluten, eggs, MSG, soya, sesame seeds, mustard and celery etc. So, customers should check allergen report for maintaining a balanced diet.

Furthermore, Dunked wings are considered as a healthy food along with various nutrition facts such as high calories, calcium, fats and many other health benefits. Customers can get vitamins and minerals by eating Dunked wings due to healthy ingredients.

Zinger Wings:

KFC Zinger Wings are other delicious items in KFC Wings menu along with different taste. A blend of spices and coatings are used for preparing these tasteful chicken wings. Customers like these wings and take flavor in every bite due to their spiciness. You can enjoy deal of 4 hot Zinger wings, 10 hot Zinger wings or 24 pieces of hot Zinger wings with your friends or family and alone as well.

Breading flour and breader make the Zinger wings more crunchy and crispy. These wings contain a high protein that is beneficial for human health. Moreover, other nutrition like fat, calcium, fiber, sugar and saturated fats etc. also including in these KFC Zinger wings per portion. Although, some allergens as like mustard, eggs, soy, gluten and sauces etc. are also including in wings while preparing. So, customers should take a notice about gluten free facts and allergens facts.

These delicious Zinger wings are available in very affordable prices such as 4 Zinger wings of R 48.90, 10 Zinger wings of R 89.90 and 24 Zinger wings Bucket of R 194.90.

KFC Wings Menu Nutrition facts:

KFC always maintain the healthy nutrition in their prepared food, they always use clean fresh and high quality food ingredients that are beneficial for human body and health. Here are some key nutrition facts about KFC Wings menu items in detail.

KFC WingsEnergy (KJ)ProteinSaturated FatTotal FatVitamin CSodiumCholesterolSugar
4 Dunked wings1711 KJ23.2g10.3g25.3g13.0 mg876 mg76.0 mg10.7g
10 Dunked wings4278 KJ57.9g25.7g63.4g33.0 mg2189 mg191.0 mg26.8g
4 Zinger wings1513 kJ23.0g10.2g25.1g5.0 mg692 mg76.0 mg0.0g  
10 Zinger wings3783 kJ57.5g25.6g62.8g3.3 mg1730 mg191.0 mg0.0g  
24 Zinger wings Bucket9016 kJ155.0g40.1g121.3g35.0 mg6423 mg591.0 mg0.0g  


KFC Wings menu is a special offering for KFC lovers along with Dunked wings and Zinger wings. This Wings menu is introduced for wings lovers with delicious and spicy tastes and flavors that make eating experience more delightful and enjoyable. Dunked wings are offered with 4 pieces and 10 pieces whether Zinger wings are offered as 4 Zinger wings and 10 Zinger wings. An amazing wings deal is also available with 24 pieces of hot zinger wings for more fun at eating.


KFC Wings menu is included with 4 Dunked wings, 10 Dunked wings, 4 Zinger wings, 10 zinger wings and 24 Zinger wings Bucket.

KFC Wings menu is basically introduced for chicken lovers as like Dunked wings and hot zinger wings. This is called a special wings menu as well.

Yes, you can place order at KFC official app or website and can choose your favorite KFC Wings menu deal at your home easily.

Yes, KFC Wings menu is affordable to all KFC lovers by maintaining all food items with same and high level tastes and quality standards.

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