KFC Voucher & Gift Cards | How to Get Them in South Africa?

If you are KFC lover and want Digital gift cards or KFC Vouchers, then you are on the right webpage. In this article, we will tell you how to buy KFC Digital gift cards and KFC Vouchers without missing them. So, keep reading the post.

What are KFC Gift Cards and KFC Vouchers?

KFC offer their customers to buy digital gift cards and Vouchers by sending them messages. Customers purchase these vouchers and gift cards for availing offers for 3 years. They utilize the benefits of their purchased gift cards or vouchers to get discounts on their placed orders for KFC food items. KFC offers their gift cards and vouchers to attract their customers.

When KFC introduce new food or deal then they promote their food product along with gift cards and vouchers. Customers purchase gift cards and vouchers and taste new foods by availing of discounts. Special discounts are offered for interacting to more customers at their KFC official website or App. Additionally; customers can utilise their purchased vouchers at their special events with their friends and family.

Getting Digital Gift cards on KFC:

Here are some steps for getting digital gift cards offered by KFC as follows;

  1. First of all, go to the official website of KFC and at last, go to footer bar,
  2. Click on the option “KFC Voucher”
  3. In a new page, you have to enter your username, email and password.
  4. Now enter all Voucher details such as recipient name, phone number, amount of gift cards that you are going to purchase.
  5. Enter your payment details and click “Confirm”
  6. Now you will get KFC Digital gift card through a SMS, on your smartphone.

Getting New KFC Voucher:

If you lost your KFC Voucher and want to get new one then follow to steps as follows;

  1. Go to the official website of KFC
  2. First of all go to official website of KFC and at last, go to footer bar,
  3. Click on the option “KFC Voucher”
  4. Now, Click on the option “Re-Send Voucher Details”,
  5. Now your phone number will requires, enter your phone number
  6. You will receive a code in your message box.

Getting Gift cards in Bulk:

  • KFC allows their customers to get more than 20 cards from KFC as order in Bulk.
  • For purchasing more cards, customers have to send email at [email protected]
  • Buying every gift card will be applicable with separate transactions.
  • One gift card will be ordered from one number, similarly, if you want to order second gift card, then you have to use another number.
  •  You can use one phone number for one gift card. You cannot use 1 phone number for ordering more gift cards.
  • KFC Digital cards can be availed within 3 years, afterwards, they will expire.
  • When a transaction will complete, KFC will send email as invoice confirmation.
  • A mobile phone is compulsory for receiving text SMS about Gift cards. On the other hand, if you have no smartphone, you can use someone else’s mobile phone to receive the gift card SMS.

Redeeming KFC Vouchers is South Africa:

If you are KFC food lover and you have not enough money to enjoy your favorite KFC items then you have to redeem KFC Vouchers. With Redeeming KFC Vouchers, you can get huge discount and you will save your money as well. People take many benefits from uncountable KFC Vouchers and get more discounts and free gifts as well. Here are some steps that will guide you about redeeming your KFC Vouchers.

  • Go to South Africa’s official website of KFC, www.kfc.co.za
  • If you have no KFC account then you can create your account by clicking on “Sign up” or “Register” button. Otherwise you can login to KFC website,
  • After login to KFC, you have to choose your favorite foods from the menu section. Add all foods to shopping cart.
  • Find the “Voucher Redemption section”. It can be found in “offer” or “Promotion” tab.
  • Enter the code without spaces. Now press “Redeem” or “Submit” option.
  • Verify the Redemption validity. The code must not be expired.
  • Now you will successfully able to get discounts, free gifts or promotions from KFC.

KFC Vouchers Restrictions in South Africa:

When you are availing benefits and discount form KFC gift cards or Vouchers, you have to know about some restrictions or limitations. Let’s know about the restrictions in-depth;

  • You will not be able to avail of discounts, free gifts or promotions from your KFC Voucher if it expires. Always remember the expiry date.
  • Customers can only redeem their KFC voucher as online on their official website or App.
  • No third party site or App will help you in Redeeming KFC vouchers.
  • KFC Vouchers are available for a limited time period. So customers should regularly check about available vouchers and their expiry date as well.
  • KFC vouchers are applicable on limited meals, food items, or drinks; not applicable on every food item.
  • Customers must carefully read the guidelines about utilizing KFC vouchers carefully.
  • It will be an invalid activity if you try to transfer your KFC Vouchers to any other third person. Transferring the KFC Vouchers is restricted.
  • There are many other offers, deals and promotions, so KFC vouchers are not combined with every offer or promotion.
  • KFC vouchers are limited to redeeming in South Africa; you cannot redeem them from any other region, country or state.


KFC offer their customers to purchase advanced present cards and Vouchers by sending them messages. Customers buy these vouchers and present cards for benefiting offers for quite a long time. They use the advantages of their bought present cards or vouchers for getting markdown at their set requests for KFC food things. The exceptional limits are presented for collaborating to additional clients at their KFC official site or Application.


You can buy KFC Gift card from any KFC in South Africa, and it will be valid for 3 years.

KFC Vouchers are applicable only in getting discounts or offers with KFC food items for current or future purchasing.

The main benefit of getting Promotions and Discounts offered by KFC is to save your costs and relax your pocket.

KFC Vouchers are applicable in all areas within South Africa.

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