KFC Vegetarian Menu and Prices with Nutritional Value in South Africa

If you are vegetarian and finding fast food items at KFC then you are at the right place. KFC introduced their vegetarian Menu for those who love vegetarians. KFC vegetarian Menu along with foods prepared without chicken and chicken ingredients. In this article, we will discuss the KFC Vegan Menu and items with prices in detail. So, let’s get started.

KFC Vegetarian Menu Items with Prices

KFC vegetarian Menu is a twist with delicious and healthy items for vegetarians rather than chicken items and ingredients. KFC introduced the exciting menu as KFC vegetarian which is healthy and liked by veg-lovers. Here are some deals based on KFC vegan items as follows;

Vegetarian optionsDescriptionPrices
KFC vegetarian burgerA Burger made with a crispy veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted bun.R 28
Chewy Chocolate Chip CookieSoft and chewy cookie filled with chocolate chipsR 48
Rich and fudgy BrownieIt features a dense and moist chocolate brownie that’s rich in flavor,R 140

KFC Vegetarian Calories Counts

Items nameCalories (kcal)
Veggie Tenders300
Veggie Rice Bowl350
Veggie Burger120
Chocolate Chip Cookie300
Mashed Potatoes150
Apple Pie200

Benefits of KFC Vegetarian Menu

The KFC Vegetarian Menu is beneficial not only for vegetarian individuals but also for everyone who loves vegetarian food. This vegan Menu is light, healthy and full of nutrition for people of all ages. Here are some maintaining health and environmental benefits regarding the KFC vegetarian food Menu;

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases:

KFC vegetarians introduced the recipes along with complete vegetarian ingredients including vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system. Individuals can be saved from chronic deceases like stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, depression and many other abnormalities in the body. Eating foods including salad, fruits, and vegetables and whole grain items can save you from high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and also balance your sugar level. People also search: KFC Breakfast Menu

Weight Control:

KFC vegan food items are prepared with fresh fruits, vegetables and salad items that control your weight and improve your immune system. The Vegetarian diet tends to control weight gain and also control cholesterol level, fats, burn extra calories. For a healthy lifestyle, individuals should choose vegetarian items maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Improved gut Health:

If you eat healthy food along with whole grains, vegetables and fruits then it can help you in improving your gut health. You can manage your gut health as like reducing mental deceases chances, improving your immune system, reducing auto-immune deceases and many others. South Africa KFC Vegetarian menu items can help in managing your Gut health for going with a healthy lifestyle.

KFC Vegetarian Food Options

KFC have many Vegetarian food Options, let’s discuss one by one:

KFC Veggie Burger

Enjoy this yummy and healthy Veggie Burger. It is prepared with a soft bun including fresh lettuce, tomatoes and rich mayonnaise that make every bite full of deliciousness. This Veggie Burger is very popular among individuals as like a traditional choice with a lot of nutrition and proteins.

KFC Veggie Tenders

KFC Vegetarian offered Veggie Tenders that is a popular choice among individuals in South Africa. Veggie Tenders are basically prepared with mushroom-based protein and coated with healthy herbs and spices by KFC.

KFC Veggie Sides

KFC Vegan menu introduced KFC Veggie Sides along with creamy mashed potatoes and classic Coleslaw that make it tastier. This KFC Side dish is a best choice for Vegetarians.

Coleslaw-veg special

KFC Vegetarian menu introduced an amazing and healthy food item called Coleslaw-veg special. It is prepared with carrots, creamy dressing and shuddered cabbage. It is also a best choice for vegetarians or health conscious individuals at KFC.

KFC Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes is another healthy food item offered by KFC Vegetarian individuals. It is prepared along with KFC special sauces to make every bite flavorful and enjoyable. This is delicious KFC food item that you will love to try again and again.

Fresh Side Salad

A Fresh Side salad can be taken as simple snack and also as a side dish along with your favorite meal. It is prepared with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, mint leaves and can combine with fruits as well. It is an amazing side salad offered by KFC Vegetarian Menu.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a dish presented by KFC Vegetarian menu as a natural corn. It is a protein-rich food item and improves your health and diet experience in a positive and tasty manner.

Golden Chips

This is offered by KFC Vegetarian menu as like crispy potato slices. You can eat these Golden chips as a snack or as a side dish. Everyone loved to eat Golden chip with delicious bites and more fun.

Veggie Twister

A wrap loaded with crunchy veggie patty, fresh lettuce, tomato and tart dressing. It is a delicious veggie Twister that you can take in your dinner or lunch along with your diet drink.

KFC Gravy for Vegetarian individuals

KFC Vegetarian menu introduced Gravy for Vegetarians that can take along with chips, Burger or any side dish. It is prepared with chicken broth, fat and flour.

KFC Desserts Menu for Vegetarians

KFC Vegetarian also offers a healthy Dessert menu for vegetarian individuals. Customers who are conscious about their health and diet, can eat KFC Desserts that can healthily maintain their balanced diet. Here are some KFC Desserts for vegetarians:

KFC Apple Pie

KFC Apple Pie is an apple dessert in a crisp form and prepared along with crispy crust and fresh apples. This is full of vitamin A and nutrition and beneficial for individuals who are interested in eating healthy foods.

KFC Chocolate Chip Cookie

This KFC Chocolate Chip Cookie can be taken along with diet tea or coffee as a snack. It is prepared along with Chocolates, cookies, flour and eggs. Mini chocolate chip bites is a tasty and sweet experience for Dessert lovers.

KFC Fudgy Brownie

KFC Fudgy Brownie is a delicious dessert item along with adequate quantity of chocolate. This KFC Brownie is very popular among sweet lovers and they eat its bites along with their favorite diet tea or coffee as well.

Creating a Healthy Veg Meal with KFC Options

Individuals can create their Veg meal along with other KFC healthy items for a best healthy and tasty combination. Here are some tips as an example to creating veg meal with KFC other options;

  1. First of all select your choice items from KFC Vegetarian menu such as Veggie Burger, Gravy, Mashed potatoes etc.
  2. Complete your selected items along with KFC Desserts as like Apple Pie, Chocolate chip Cookies or Fudgy Brownie.
  3. After creating your treat, know about all ingredients along with allergens, examine all dietary needs. For example if you allergy with Gluten then skip the items and replace with any other choice.
  4. Experiment along with salads, side dishes or chips for enjoying a delicious meal full of nutrition.

Restrictions for Allergens at KFC

Allergens such as Gluten, eggs, mustard, soya, etc. can harm the human body or health. These allergens are sometimes not beneficial for some individuals who have allergy reactions to some ingredients.

KFC always maintain its ingredients report and allergens mentioning in order to take care of their customer’s health and balanced diet. Many allergens as eggs, soya, sesame seeds, mustard, etc. are included in various food items on the KFC menu. So, Customers should first know about all ingredients and allergens and then start their meal according to their health concerns.


KFC Vegetarian Menu was introduced by KFC for individuals who are very conscious about their diet and health. KFC’s Vegetarian food Menu includes healthy food items such as veggie Burgers, Veggie Twisters, Golden Chips and side dishes or salads. KFC also offers some healthy desserts as sweet items as Apple Pie, Chocolate Cookies or Chocolate Brownie. KFC South African vegan Menu maintains the health and diet of individuals by providing healthy nutrition.


It is an important thing to check and count all nutrition facts about calories, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, sodium etc. before starting their KFC Vegetarian meal.

Although KFC prepare all healthy items but KFC Vegetarian Menu items proved to be best choice for people of any age due to its benefits for human health. So, if you want to keep balanced diet then you have to choose KFC vegan menu items for a healthy lifestyle.

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