KFC Twister Menu and Prices South Africa 2024

KFC Twisters are most popular and delicious food items offered by KFC. In South Africa customers love to eat items with KFC Twister Menu. In this article we will know about KFC Twister Menu items along with their prices, allergens, calories, nutrition facts and much more. So, let’s get started!

KFC Twisters are super crunchy and crispy items offered by KFC. Twisters are available with a variety of unique flavors and types that are considered a delicious experience for customers. KFC Twisters are prepared with amazing ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise sauces, and wrap in a soft tortilla. These combinations make the taste bites more delicious along with KFC’s special sauces.

KFC Twisters are the most demanding and favorite items at KFC due to their crunchy taste along with roasted and fried chicken in a crispy wrap. When customers eat this delicious Twister they enjoy taste and fun in a joyful manner. Customers can enjoy this Twister to satisfy their cravings along with their favorite cold drink. You should also check: KFC Vegetarian Menu

KFC Twister Menu Items with Prices

For exploring KFC Twister Menu as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

KFC Twister MenuItems includedPricesCalories (kcal)
Box MasterZinger Fillet With A Slice Of Cheese
Hash Brown
Fresh Tomato
Colonel Dressing
A Warm Tortilla Wrapped With KFC Original Chicken Recipe
R 76.90480
Classic TwisterSpicy Mini Twisters
4x Nuggets
Tabasco Sauce
One Small Chips
No Sugar Drink
R 66.90275
Sweet Chili TwisterWarm Tortilla
2x Crispy Chicken Strips
Shredded Lettuce
Sliced Tomato
Colonel Dressing
Sweet Chili Sauce
R 66.90290
Spicy Mini TwisterMini Twister
Sauce (Tabasco Flavor)
R 39.90275
Spicy Twisted Box Buddy4x Nuggets
1x Small Chips
Buddy No Sugar Drink
Spicy Mini Twister
Sauce (Tabasco Flavor)
R 89.90295
Box Master ZingerFilled with the Chicken fillet with egg cheese hash browns tomato sauce Colonel dressing served on a burger bun.R 76.90480
WrapstaSpicy crunch fillet, cheese slices lettuce tomatoesR 60.90670

KFC Twister Meals Prices in South Africa

KFC Twister MealsItems includedPrices
Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle  1 Wrapsta Small chips buddy bottle & 1 piece of chickenR 84.90
Wrapsta Box with Regular Drink1 Wrapsta small chips 1 piece of chicken, & regular drink)

KFC Twister Sauce

KFC special Twister sauce is used for KFC Twister menu items to enjoy more taste and fun. Here is a simple recipe guidelines including ingredients and quantity used.

Mayonnaise½ cup
Black Pepper1 Tablespoon
Salt¼ Teaspoon
Garlic Powder1 Teaspoon
Buttermilk1 Tablespoon
Sour Cream¼ cup
Onion Powder1 Teaspoon

You can take Mayonnaise and add all the above ingredients one by one. Stir until a smooth texture of the sauce. After getting the desired smooth sauce, pour it into a glass jar and you can save this KFC Twister Sauce in the refrigerator.

KFC Twister Items List

Spicy Mini Twister:

This KFC Spicy mini Twister is available for R 39.90 with full of crust and spiciness. Items included in Spicy Mini Twister are lettuce, a mini spicy fillet with Tabasco sauce, palmolein oil, colonel dressing, a slice of cheese, tomatoes and flavored sauces. These all ingredients are wrapped in a soft tortilla and it becomes an amazing and delicious Twister for spice lovers.

This spicy mini Twister can be taken with more Tabasco sauce or KFC special sauce for adding more taste and deliciousness. However, some allergens like soya, eggs, sesame seeds, mustard etc. are also available in this mini Spicy Twister. So customers should choose this food according to their health conditions.


Wrapsta is one of the delicious food items offered by the KFC Twister menu along with cheese slices, lettuce, Spicy Crunch fillet and tomatoes. These combinations make the Wrapsta bites more delicious and savory. This Wrapsta is available in a price of R 60.90 in South Africa.

Well, there is a lot of calories and nutrition is available in Wrapsta along with some allergens. Customers should choose the food which is suitable to their health so they do not experience any allergies or reactions to their health and body.

Classic Twister:

Classic Twister is another delicious item offered by KFC Twister menu and prepared with chicken strips, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise to make it more delicious and mouthwatering item. Although, customers having some allergy issues or reactions on their health and body, so they should avoid this kind of food to prevent themselves from any bad eating experiences.

Classic Twisters are available as a single choice and also as 2 Classic Twisters. Customers can enjoy Classic twister with their buddies for satisfying their cravings in a delicious manner. 1 Classic twister is available in prices of R 60.90 and 2 Classic Twisters are available in price of R 115.90 in South Africa.

Sweet Chili Twister:

Sweet Chili Twister is another delicious item provided by KFC Twister menu and offered with crispy chicken strips, tomatoes, sweet chili sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise. The combination of all ingredients discovers a unique and delicious taste in every bite. It is good choice for customers that are spice and crisp lovers. Sweet Chili Twister is available in price of R 66.90 in South Africa.

Some Allergens such as gluten, eggs, sesame seeds, soya, mustard and soya etc. are also used in Sweet Chili Twister. Customers having Allergic issues or reactions must know about Allergens before selecting their meal.

Box Master:

Box Master is a special food item by KFC Twister menu along with Chicken fillet, lettuce leaves, hash browns, cheese slices and tomatoes as basic ingredients. These ingredients make the Box master choice more delicious and mouthwatering. Box Master is available in price of R 76.90 in South Africa.

Moreover, this Box Master is a healthy food along with many nutrition and health benefits but due to some allergen ingredients, you must choose this food according to your health and diet.

Box Master Zingers:

Box Master Zingers is also similar as like simple Box Master, but the thing that makes it more special is Zinger crisp. The juicy and crispy zinger change in Box Master Zinger makes the taste more delicious and never forgetting for Zinger Lovers. KFC Meal Box Master Zingers is available in R 76.90 in South Africa and is popular among many Zinger lovers as well.

Box Master Zingers is prepared along with ingredients such as breading flour, breader, eggs, Tortillas, hash browns, and shredded lettuce as main ingredients. Some Allergens ingredients are also included in Box Meal Zingers that can react in your health or body as bad impact. So, you must choose the food that is suitable according to your health.

Nutrition Facts KFC Twister

ItemsEnergy KJTotal FatProteinSaturated FatIronVitamin CCalciumCarbohydratesSugar
Box Master23.7g11.1g11.42.6 mg13.0 mg214.3 mg60.0g6.9g
Classic Twister1147 kJ12.2g26.7g4.5g1.3 mg21.0 mg28.7 mg2.0g
Sweet Chili Twister11.1g26.8g4.3g1.2 mg21.0 mg27.5 mg21.0g9.0g
Wrapsta1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0g1.0g
Box Master Zinger1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0g1.0g


KFC Twisters are super crunchy and fresh things presented by KFC. Twisters are accessible with an assortment of one of a kind flavors and types that are thinking about as a delicious encounter for fast food lovers. KFC Twisters are ready with astounding fixings, for example, cheddar, lettuce, mayonnaise sauces, and enveloped by a delicate tortilla. These mixes make the taste chomps more scrumptious alongside KFC’s extraordinary sauces.


KFC Twisters are most requested and most loved things at KFC because of its crunchy taste alongside simmered and seared chicken in a fresh wrap. At the point when customers eat this delectable Twister they appreciate taste and fun in a cheerful way.

No, this is only a rumor about banning KFC Twister wraps in South Africa in 2024. KFC is still introducing various kinds of Twister Wraps along with delicious ingredients and recipes.

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