KFC Streetwise Menu and Prices List South Africa

KFC Streetwise Menu and Prices List South Africa

KFC always present foods as light meals and favorites by people with all aspects like healthy, full of calories, rich in protein and nourishments. These foods and drinks are affordable and offered in reasonable prices, especially in South Africa. KFC never compromise on their presented meals, food items or drinks because they want to balance diet and health of every citizen. A Streetwise Menu presented by KFC is also another offering along with carrying lots of items along with healthy ingredients and recipes.

If you are finding out about the KFC Streetwise menu and their items then you are on the exact place. In this article we will excitedly discuss about items, prices and their nutrition facts in-depth. You will love to choose this menu along with your friends or families as well. So, let’s get started!

KFC Streetwise Menu items Price & Calories

Streetwise ItemsWhat is included in it?PricesCalories (kcal)
Streetwise Two with Chips1 pack of chips
2 pieces of chicken
R 37.42531 
Streetwise Three with Chips1 small chips
3 pieces of chicken
R 54.68  781
Streetwise Bucket For 11 chicken pieces
2 wings plus
1 small chips 
R 35.18543
Streetwise Five with Chips5 chicken pieces
1 chips pack. 
R 91.421281
Streetwise Two with Regular Pap2 pieces of chicken
regular pap and gravy
R 37.42  578
Streetwise Three with Regular Pap3 chicken pieces with creamy gravy. R 54.68  828
Streetwise 44 chicken pieces 
1 pack of delicious chips. 
R 71.92  1031
Streetwise Snack Pack Burger1 small chips 1 snack BurgerR 45.90450
Streetwise Snack Pack Pops1 small chips 1 small popsR 49.90390

KFC Streetwise Menu Details:

Streetwise Two with Chips:

This is a Classic combo of 2 streetwise offered with chips for satisfying your cravings. This is an ideal pair along with seasoned chicken big piece along with combination of potato chips. You get enjoy this menu with your favorite beverage.

Streetwise Three with Chips:

Streetwise Three with chips is a delicious option including three pieces of chicken along with a potato Chips pack. It is best choice for evening or mid-night for food lovers in order to satisfying their light appetite. 

Streetwise Bucket for 1:

This menu is a combination of 1 piece of original chicken, Small Potato Fries, and 2 Zinger Wings. This menu is an ideal choice for satisfying you light craving if you eat with a cold dink such as Fanta, Coca-Cola or Sprite for more fun.

Streetwise Five with Chips:

This is another amazing choice from KFC Streetwise menu and is available with 5 original chicken pieces with potato Fries. This deal is most popular among customers because of its further choices. The adding options are;

  • Replacing your Regular Fries with Regular Coleslaw
  • You can add Crunch Burger in R 2.90
  • You can add Coca-Cola Buddy in R 21.90
  • Choice to add No Sugar Coca-Cola Buddy in R 18.90
  • Adding Regular Mash & Gravy in R 15.90
  • Choice to add Mini Loaf in R 11.90
  • You can add cold drink of Fanta Buddy in R 21.90
  • Also can add cold drink of Sprite Buddy in R 21.90

Streetwise Two with Regular Pap:

Two pieces original Chicken along with Mash and Gravy is a menu offering by KFC Streetwise menu. This is a delicious bites experience along with mouthwatering Mash and Gravy for unforgotten memories as well.

Streetwise Three with Regular Pap:

Streetwise 3 with Regular Pap is a menu with three chicken pieces with a creamy Mash and Gravy.  The Mash and Gravy make an amazing and mouthwatering eating experience paring with original chicken pieces and your favorite drink as well.

Streetwise 4:

Streetwise 4 is a delicious and spicy combination of chicken pieces full of crunchiness and deliciousness. Fries are also offered with this menu for a more fun and tasty experience. You can enjoy this menu with your love ones to catch yummy memories.

Streetwise Snack Pack Burger:

Streetwise Snack Pack offered by KFC Streetwise menu is another delicious menu having Energy Nutrition as 2224 KJ and is offered with Small chips and a Snack Burger. It is enough for eating in the evening or Midnight for light cravings.

Streetwise Snack Pack Pops:

Get this super tasty and flavorful option presented by KFC Streetwise menu, including a small chips and a small pops as a perfect snack combination for a short break after daily life routine. This can be an ideal option if enjoy with a choice of cold drink for doubling the flavor and fun.

Allergen ingredients in KFC Streetwise Menu items:

Allergens are ingredients which do not suit some people for their mild and severe reactions to their health and body. KFC always use healthy ingredients in their foods and drinks in order to maintain their customer’s health and diet. They mention Allergen ingredients and non-allergen ingredients as a report to customers; so that they can check it and order their food according to their health condition.

Some Allergen ingredients that KFC uses in their foods and drinks are;

  • Gluten
  • Soya
  • Eggs
  • MSG
  • Celery
  • Sesame seeds
  • Milk
  • Mustard

Above allergens can be proved as side effects and bad impacts on human body and health. Therefore, you should always choose foods and drinks which could not put any reaction on your health.

Nutrition Fact about KFC Streetwise menu items (Per Portion):

Streetwise ItemsTrans Fatty Acids Protein Saturated FatTotal Fat Cholesterol Iron Vitamin C
Streetwise Two with Chips0.0g28.8g10.3g26.4g114.0 mg2.0 mg5.0 mg
Streetwise Three with Chips0.0g53.9g14.8g38.8g191.0 mg2.6 mg6.0 mg
Streetwise Bucket For 11.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0 mg
Streetwise Two with Regular Pap0.2g31.8g8.0g23.3g115.0 mg4.5mg8.0 mg
Streetwise Three with Regular Pap0.0g57.6g12.1g33.6g187.0 mg5.8 mg9.0 mg
Streetwise Snack Pack Burger0.0g27.9g10.7g27.1g110.0 mg1.9 mg4.0 mg
Streetwise Snack Pack Pops1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1.0 mg


KFC Streetwise menu is an ideal choice presented by KFC. It is best offer for individuals with light cravings as tasty and delicious bites with cold beverages. This menu is included in various choices such as Streetwise 2 and 3 with chips, Streetwise 2 and 3 with pops, Streetwise Bucket for 1, Streetwise Snack pack with Chips/Burger and much more. You can enjoy these small meal choices at any time after in your busy life.


This is a snack menu from KFC Streetwise menu that includes two original chicken pieces along with a small pack of potato Chips.

This is simple mini menu for light cravings and simple foods for only fun, including Streetwise Bucket for 1, Streetwise 2 with chips, Streetwise 3 with chips, Streetwise snack pack etc. Streetwise is basically a flavored chicken piece that is offered with pops, chips or as simple.

Yes, KFC Streetwise menu is consisted on Chicken pieces and full of energy, nutrition and calories. However, customers should eat any fast food item according to their health condition.

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