KFC Special Menu and Deals with Price List in South Africa

If you are looking for KFC special menu and deals along with their prices and details then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss about KFC special menus and deals with their offered items and information. To know about KFC Special menu and promotional deals with their prices, items and nutrition facts, keep reading the post.

KFC Special Menu and deals items

KFC Special Menu and DealsItems IncludedPrices
Streetwise Two with Chips2x Original Recipe Chicken pieces 
1x small chips
R 49.90
All Star Box with Buddy2x Original Recipe Chicken
1x Crunch Burger
2x Zinger Wings
1x small chips
1x 440 ml buddy bottle  
R 94.90
10 Dunked Wings10x wingletsR 104.90
Spicy Twisted Box Buddy1x Mini Twister with Tabasco Sauce flavor
4x Nuggets
1x a small chips
1x Buddy-sugar free drink
4 Dunked Wings4x KFC Zinger Wings dunked in; 
soy sauce
R 54.90
10 Zinger Wings4x Succulent winglets R 89.90
Streetwise Bucket For 11x original recipe chicken
2x zinger wings 1x small chips
R 46.90
Family Fiesta6x Original Recipe Chicken
4x Zinger Wings
2x Regular Mash & Gravy
1x  Large Chips
R 182.90
Streetwise Five with Chips5x pieces of Original Chicken piece 
1x  large chips
R 121.90
4 Zinger Wings4x Succulent wingletsR 48.90
Regular Sprinkle PopsBite-sized chicken piecesR 54.90
Streetwise Three with Chips3x Original Recipe chicken 
1x small chips
R 72.90
Box Master1x Juicy chicken fillet
1x cheese
tomatoes chunks
tender sauce
R 76.90
Oreo KrusherIcy sippable treat with oreo bitzcreamy soft-serveR 42.90

KFC Special Promotion Deal in South Africa:

Promotion DealsItems IncludedPrices
Spicy Twisted Box BuddyR 62.93
Spicy Crunch Box BuddyR 62.93
Streetwise Snack Pack Burger1x snack burger 1x small chipsR 36.90
Streetwise Snack Pack PopsSmall pops Small chipsR 36.90
All in One Feast6x pieces of delicious original recipe chicken
1x large chips1x regular coleslaw 
2x regular mash and gravies
R 194.90
Nugget Box Buddy4x Nuggets
1x crunch burger1x small chips 
1x buddy-sugar free drink
R 78.90
Strawberry MilkshakeR 31.90
Chocolate Milkshake1x thick & creamy Chocolate milkshakeR 31.90
Double Crunch Burger2x crunchy mini fillets with
2x cheese slices
R 68.90
New Colonel Burger1x real chicken fillet
1x fresh Brioche bun
Creamy Colonel sauce
cheese lettuce succulent
R 60.90
New Zinger1x New Crispy Zinger burger
1x real chicken fillet
1x Brioche bun
New Hot & Spicy sauce lettuce succulent tomatoes
R 60.90
Spicy Chips1x Spicy Chips with Tabasco SprinkleR 24.90
Streetwise 44x Original Recipe Chicken 
1x crispy regular chips
R 95.90
Spicy Crunch Burger1x spicy Crunch Burger 
flavor-Tabasco Sauce 
1x small chips  
1x Buddy-sugar free drink
R 39.90
Spicy Mini Twister1x Mini Twister 
Flavor-Tabasco Sauce
R 39.90
9 Piece Bucket9x Original Recipe ChickenR 182.90
15 Piece Bucket15x Original Recipe Chicken R 279.90

Discounted deals at KFC Special:

Along with KFC promotions and deals, KFC offers a discount in some deals at original prices. They maintain this discount for encouraging their customers to enjoy more KFC foods and deals. Customers can know about these KFC discounts codes and promotions along with KFC coupon codes for enjoying their favorite meals in discounted prices. Here are some examples of foods along with deals details and discounted prices.

Items nameItems IncludedOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Spicy Crunch Box Buddy1x Spicy Crunch Burger 
Flavor-Tabasco Sauce
1x small chips 
1x Buddy-sugar free drink
R 89.90R 62.90
Spicy Twisted Box BuddySpicy Mini Twister
Flavor-Tabasco Sauce
4x Nuggets
1x small chips
1x Buddy-sugar free drink
R 89.90R 62.90

Overview KFC Special Menu and Deals

KFC Special Menu and their exclusive deals have many delicious choices for KFC lovers. They introduced many items along with unique combinations and deals items. This KFC Special Menu have items box with very affordable prices and with healthy ingredients. In short, KFC Special Menu can be proved best meal choices for enjoying your special events with your friends and family. This KFC Special Menu can be a memorable meal experience with your loved ones. So let’s know about KFC Special Menu and deals items in detail!

More About KFC Special Menu and Deals

Streetwise Two/Three with Chips:

Streetwise Two/Three with chips is a menu for hungry people to satisfy their cravings. It is prepared with cooked chips along with spices and coating that make it more delicious and savory. Streetwise Three with Chips has three original chicken pieces with chips and Streetwise Two with Chips has two original chicken pieces with chips.

This meal gives a soft and crispy touch in every bite. Allergens like soya, gluten or eggs are included in the recipe, so you have to choose your food according to your health and diet.

All Star Box with Buddy:

This All-Star Box with Buddy is a combination of Crunch signature Chicken Burger, Zinger wings, chicken piece and a buddy bottle. This is a perfect meal offer for lunch or dinner time. Be careful about Allergen ingredients for maintaining your health and diet.

Dunked Wings:

Dunked wings are coated with spices and flavors that make them savory and crispy in every bite. These Dunked wings are offered with 4 Dunked wings or 10 Dunked wings and can be enjoyed along with your favorite cold drink.

Spicy Twisted Box Buddy:

Spicy Twisted Box Buddy is consisted on 1 Mini Twister with Tabasco Sauce flavor, 4 Nuggets, 1 small chips and 1 Buddy-sugar free drink. This combination makes a great meal that can be eaten at dinner or lunch for fully satisfying cravings. The spices and flavors items make a mouthwatering sense in every bite. Allergen ingredients like eggs, soya, mustard, sesame etc. are also included in this menu.

Family Fiesta:

Family Fiesta consists of chicken pieces, zinger with and sides that create best combination for KFC lovers. Main ingredients are 6 chicken pieces, 4 Zinger wings, 1 large chips, and 2 regular mash and gravy. This meal is great selection of family members and also can be enjoyable with friends as a lunch or dinner.

Streetwise Five with Chips:

Streetwise Five with Chips is a combination of 5 chicken pieces with regular chips for enjoying as single person at dinner or lunch. This can be an enough meal for a single person as a healthy and with high calories nutrition. Customers can also add option as like crunch chicken burger, mini loaf, regular mash and gravy etc. to make it a heavy meal choice.

Zinger Wings:

Zinger wings are a popular choice at KFC and in KFC Special menu it is offered as 4 Zinger wings and 10 Zinger wings. A tasty blend and spices coating with Breading flour make them more juicy and crispy. These are chicken wings coated with spices and ginger sauce for a delicious and mouthwatering eating experience. 

Streetwise Bucket for 1:

Streetwise Bucket for 1 is a combination of 1x original recipe chicken, 2 zinger wings, and 1 small fries. Single person can easily enjoy this meal bucket with tasty bites. This bucket is an exciting meal box with flavored items and you can enjoy this Bucket with your favorite cold drink. Allergens like eggs, celery, gluten, mustard etc. are also included ingredients in this Streetwise Bucket.

Regular Sprinkle Pops:

Regular Sprinkle Pops are small bites of chicken pieces prepared with boneless chicken pieces. Palmolein oil is used as a basic ingredient for these Regular Sprinkle Pops. This is served with fruit chutney flavor and cold drink for more eating enjoyment.

Box Master:

Box Master is a great meal along with 1 Juicy chicken fillet, 1 cheese, tomatoes chunks, lettuce and tender sauce. A mayonnaise deep is touched in this Box Master to make it more creamy and savory. It has large amount of calories and nutrition that are good for human health.

Oreo Krusher:

Oreo Krusher is prepared with the help of Oreo cookies, vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate blend; this is a delicious enery shake with rich nutrition and health balance ingredients. Chocolate lover will enjoy this blended shake at KFC for getting energy and tasty experience

Nutrition Facts for KFC Special Menu and Deals

Items/DealsProtein per portionSaturated Fat per portionCarbohydrates per portion Total Fat per portion Cholesterol per portion Vitamin C per portionSodium per portion Sugar  per portion
Streetwise Two with Chips28.8g10.3g36.0g26.4g114.0 mg5.0 mg1231 mg0.2g
All Star Box with Buddy1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1 mg1.0g
4 Dunked wings23.2g10.3g21.0g25.3g76.0 mg13.0 mg876 mg10.7g
10 Dunked wings57.9g25.7g54.0g63.4g191.0 mg33.0 mg2189 mg26.8g
4 Zinger wings23.0g10.2g10.0g25.1g76.0 mg5.0 mg692 mg0.0g
10 Zinger wings57.5g25.6g26.0g62.8g191.0 mg3.3 mg1730 mg0.0g
Streetwise Bucket For 11.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1 mg1.0g
Regular Sprinkle Pops1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1 mg1.0g
Streetwise Three with Chips53.9g14.8g45.038.8g191.0 mg6.0 mg1979 mg0.2g
Box Master11.1g11.4g60.0g23.7g13.0 mg13.0 mg1228 mg6.9g
Oreo Krusher1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0 mg1.0 mg1 mg1.0g



KFC Special Menu and their elite arrangements have numerous heavenly options for KFC darlings. They presented numerous things alongside special mixes and arrangements things. This KFC Special Menu have things box with entirely reasonable costs and with sound fixings. So, KFC Special Menu can be demonstrated best dinner decisions for partaking in your exceptional occasions with your loved ones. This KFC Special Menu can be an essential feast insight with your friends and family.


This is a choloate drink that is prepared with vanilla ice-cream, Oreo Cookies and milk. This blend makes the shake delicious and savory.

There are many menu items along with deals available in KFC Special menu. Main deals are regular Sprinkle pops, Zinger wings, Dunked wings, Oreo Krusher, Streetwise menu as three, two and five, Streetwise Bucket for one and many more deals.

All KFC Special items and deals are affordable, however, 4 Dunked wings and 4 Zinger wings can be consider as small deal and cheapest menu at KFC Special.

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