KFC Sides and Snacks Menu and Prices List South Africa

KFC Sides and Snacks Menu and Prices List South Africa

If you love to eat sides or snacks to satisfy your light cravings, or if you are a food lover who wants to eat at any time day or night then you are at the right place. There are a lot of items based on healthy and savory ingredients presented by KFC for food lovers. In this article, we will discuss in-depth all KFC Sides and Snacks along with their prices, descriptions and nutrition facts. So, let’s get started!

KFC Sides and Snacks Menu items Price

Sides and snacksItems includedPrices
Regular Chips1 yummy regular potato chipsR 26.90  
Regular Mash and GravySignature Gravy with the delicious creaminessR 19.90
Wrapsta  1 crunchy fillet
mini tortilla
R 42.90  
Dunked Pops  1 pack of pops
Sauce (Honey, Ginger, and soy sauce)
R 36.90  
Regular Sprinkle popsCrunchy chicken Pieces along with fruit chutney flavorR 54.90
6pc Nuggets6 pcs of golden brown nuggets. R 36.90  
Oreo Krusher R 42.90
Verry Berry Krusher1 Icy fruity treat R 42.90  
10 Dunked Wings10 pieces of Wings dunkedR 104.90
Sweet Chili DipNuggets sweet chili DipR 10.00
Spicy Chips1 pack of spicy chips with a dusting of Tabasco powderR 24.90
Hot & Spicy Dip1 spicy zinger sauce with extra hotnessR 7.90
10 Zinger Wings10 pieces of zinger wingsR 89.90
4 Zinger Wings4 Juicy wingletsR 48.90
Colonel Dip1 Sweet and savory sauce to pair nuggets. R 10.00
4 Dunked Wings4 Wings dunked in KFC special honey, ginger, and soy sauce. R 54.90
1 Piece Chicken1 piece of original chicken recipe.R 26.90
Regular Coleslawshredded cabbage
R 24.90
Snack BurgerChicken patty 
Snack bun
R 29.90
Large Mash and GravyA mixture of signature Gravy and a creamy mash of KFCR 27.90
Pops1 pack of crunchy chicken pieces R 29.90
Mini Loafoven-baked Mini loafR 14.90
Crunch Burger1 crispy fillet 
single cheese
lettuce slice
R 36.90
9 piece Nuggets9 pieces of golden brown NuggetsR 42.90
Large PopsBite-sized chicken piecesR 54.90

What are KFC Sides and Snacks?

KFC Sides and Snacks are basically lightweight food items with a lot of varieties by KFC. Customers can add them to their large or small meals, which they offer to their kids and enjoy in their journey ways. This menu is available in the form of chicken pieces, potato regular chips, Zinger wings, Nuggets, pops, fruit treats, fillets, and many other delicious offerings. This menu is also healthy and full of calories along with much nutrition.

KFC Sides and Snacks Items Detail

KFC Regular Chips:

KFC Regular chips are the best choice for every food lover either kids or individuals. All age people like potato chips as a snack at any time of the day. It is an ideal side and snack dish offered by KFC for after-work appetite.

Large Pops:

KFC Large pops are actually small chicken pieces coated with ginger sauces and black pepper. These Pops have a mouthwatering taste in every bite. You can enjoy KFC Large Pops along with your favorite sauce at any time of the day.

Regular Mash and Gravy:

KFC’s Regular Mash and Gravy is another item as a side and snack and prepared with mashed potatoes and KFC’s special blend Gravy.

KFC Crunch Burger:

This Crunch Burger is filled with chicken fillets, and coated with crunchy batter. Lettuce and a slice of cheese make it more delicious and favorite to crunch food lovers.

KFC Regular Sprinkle Pops:

Another delicious sides and snacks item is Regular Sprinkle Pops presented by KFC with Crunchy chicken Pieces with fruit chutney flavor. These are super crunchy and tender for customers in every bite of KFC Sprinkle Pops.

Mini Loaf:

KFC Mini Loaf is basically an ideal item for your breakfast to satisfy your cravings in a light way. Once, you try this Mini Loaf; you will be fan of it due to its deliciousness. People also like: KFC Streetwise Menu


KFC Wrapsta is prepared with cheese, tomatoes, crunchy batter, and lettuce. All ingredients are wrapped in mini Tortilla and you will enjoy this KFC Wrapsta along with KFC’s special choice for more fun and enjoyment.

KFC Pops:

KFC Pops are bite size mini chicken pieces full of tenderness and crunchiness. Once, you start to eat these delicious Pops; you will never forget their tasty and savory feelings.

KFC Dunked Pops:

KFC Dunked pops are available with 1 pack and a sauce of your choice as like ginger sauce or tomato sauce. These are crunchy and soft mini chicken pieces as bite sized. Customers mostly enjoy eating Duked pops at midnight to satisfy their light cravings.

Snack Burger:

Another Sides and snack dish is KFC Snack Burger which is presented with a Snack bun along with Chicken Patty and lettuce. This is a light food choice for a light craving satisfaction.

KFC Large Mash and Gravy:

KFC Large Mash and Gravy is a side dish with a creamy blend and delicious KFC gravy. This is an enjoyable food item as a mouthwatering dish to increase cravings.

Regular Coleslaw:

Coleslaw is another item presented by KFC Sides and Snacks and prepared with cabbage, onion, carrot and with various salad dressings. This is a sweet dish for sweet lovers and also can take after your meal for completing tasty fun experience.

KFC Nuggets:

KFC Nuggets are Golden brown chicken pieces dipped in a sauce for a more mouthwatering experience and fun. These Nuggets are available with choices of 6-piece Nuggets, and 9-piece Nuggets. You can choose any of your choices according to your Craving satisfaction.

KFC Chicken Piece:

A chicken piece marinated with ginger sauce and other spices is called the KFC Chicken piece offered by the KFC Sides and Snacks menu. This is an ideal choice for light cravings at night or mid-night as well.

Dunked Wings:

KFC Dunked Wings are super crispy and crunchy food item prepared with dipped in honey, soya sauce and ginger sauce. Dunked wings are offered by KFC Sides and Snacks menu.

KFC Colonel Dip:

This dip is basically a Sweet and savory sauce to pair with your favorite foods as like burgers, Potato Chips, Chicken pops or Nuggets. This dipping makes the flavor tastier and un-forgetful. 

Verry Berry Krusher:

Verry Berry Krusher is another side dish as an icy, sweet and yummy treat. Fruit Berries are blended to make this amazing Krusher along with Creamy touch.

KFC Zinger Wings:

Zinger wings are crunchy and super crispy chicken wings coated with Breading Flour and breader which make every bite tasteful and enjoyable. Zinger Wings are available as 4 and 10 wings and you can order according to your cravings.

Nutrition Facts about KFC Sides and Snacks

Nutrition values for KFC Sides and Snacks are considered as healthy meal options. They have many calories, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin C and many other nutrition that are beneficial for human health and body. There are some Allergen Ingredients that are also available in KFC Recipes as like eggs, soya, mustard, sesame seeds and many others. Therefore, you should always check Allergen report before ordering your meal or food item.


KFC Sides and Bites are essentially a light weight food things with a ton of assortments by KFC. Clients can add them with their enormous or little dinner; they deal to their children and appreciate in their excursion ways. This menu is accessible as chicken pieces, potato customary chips, Zinger wings, Chunks, pops, natural product treats, fillets, and numerous other delightful contributions. This menu is likewise sound and loaded with calories alongside much nourishment.


KFC Sides and Snacks menu is important because of offering delicious mini bites and items such as Potato Chips, Pops, Zinger Wings, Verry Berry Krusher and much more. You can enjoy this menu in your light craving satisfaction.

KFC Colonel Dip is a sweet and savory sauce that can be tasteful along with your favorite food items such as Nuggets, Potato chips, Chicken Pieces, or Zinger wings etc.

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