KFC Meal Box Menu and Prices South Africa 2024

KFC Meal Box is a popular menu item like other items based on fried chicken. KFC introduced KFC Meal Box with various food combinations like zinger wings, crunch burgers, small chips or drinks. Individuals and families both enjoy this KFC Meal Box offered by KFC Foods. In this article, we will discuss different KFC Meal Boxes along with their prices and items. So let’s get started!

KFC Meal Box Menu Items with Prices

For exploring KFC Meal Box Menu as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

Meal Box TitleItems includedPrices
All-Star Box with Buddy Bottle  2 Zinger Wings 1 Crunch Burger 1 Small chips 1 Original Recipe chicken piece 1 440 ml Buddy bottleR 94.90
Nugget Box Buddy1 crunch burger 1 buddy drink 4 Nuggets 1 crunch burger 1 small chipsR 78.90
Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle1 Wrapsta 1 Chicken piece with chips 1 Buddy bottleR 84.90
Reg Fully Loaded Box Meal With
Zinger burger and buddy drinks
1 Crispy Zinger burger 1 Regular gravy 1 piece of original recipe chicken 1 Chips 1 No sugar drinkR 115.90
Fully Loaded Box with Buddy Bottle1 Colonel burger 1 Chips 1 piece of original recipe chicken 1 no sugar drink Regular mash and gravyR 115.90

Why to choose KFC Meal Box?

Individuals pick KFC Meal Box for any sort of festivities and fellowship for finding new recollections with their friends and family alongside scrumptious food things. They appreciate KFC Meal Box things in their significant occasions as like supper or lunch. This KFC Meal Box demonstrated an association among relatives or companions from a vital perspective. People also love KFC Bucket Menu

More about KFC Meal Box in South Africa:

KFC Meal Box is introduced for customers who have different tastes and want to eat various items for the first time.  They choose their preferred food according to their hunger or taste level. Every KFC Meal Box consists of fried chicken fillets, crunchy items, sandwiches, or chicken strips along with delicious taste. KFC Meal Box is organized by offering various herbs and spices to make food items more savory and flavorful.

People choose KFC Meal Box for any kind of celebration and togetherness for discovering new memories with their loved ones along with delicious food items. They enjoy KFC Meal Box items in their important events as like dinner or lunch. This KFC Meal Box proved a connection among family members or friends in a memorable sense.

You must have to try this KFC Meal Box with your loved ones for developing social and family relationships along with tasty and delicious bites at KFC. The main focus and purpose of KFC Meal Box is to create memories with delicious foods along with various quality food items.

Furthermore, KFC Meal Box is committed to clean, fresh and quality food ingredients maintaining health and balanced diet. They maintain high quality standards beyond their prepared or offered food items. KFC introduced KFC Meal Box for delicious meal items to friends and family.

KFC Meal Box Items Nutrition Facts:

ItemsEnergy KjProteinTotal FatCalciumSodiumSugar
All-Star Box with Buddy Bottle  1.0g1.0g1.0mg1mg1.0g
Nugget Box Buddy12258 Kj163.6g132.3g445.9mg8099mg11.4g
Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle1 Kj1.0g1.0g1.0mg1mg1.0g
Reg Fully Loaded Box Meal With
Zinger burger and buddy drinks
5181 Kj51.9g41.4g139.6mg2662mg52.7g
Fully Loaded Box with Buddy Bottle5181 Kj51.9g41.4g139.6mg2662mg52.7g

Details about KFC Meal Box Items:

Let’s discuss menu items for KFC Meal Box:

Reg Fully Loaded Box Meal With Zinger burger and buddy drinks:

This Meal Box is also known as “The new Burger Standard” and customers can celebrate their events by choosing this delicious meal box. It contains a zinger burger, regular chips, mash and gravy, and 1 piece of chicken. These combinations make the food more exciting and enjoyable.

Fully Loaded Box with Buddy Bottle:

This fully loaded box is filled with colonel burger, 1 piece chicken, fountain drink, and regular mash and gravy. These all combinations at this KFC meal box increase the mouthwatering experience in a tasty manner. Plan with your friends or family and order this delicious meal box to catch your memories in a flavorful way.

Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle:

Wrapsta Box is very popular in KFC Meal Box and customers like this meal box because of its 2 deals menu. One Wrapsta box consists of 1 chicken piece, 1 Wrapsta, along with a regular drink. On the other hand, second Wrapsta box has same items but buddy drink is offered instead of a regular drink.

Nugget Box Buddy:

Nugget Box Buddy in KFC Meal Box consists of 4 Nuggets, a Crunch burger, chips and a drink. This combination is very flavorful for the customers that are appetizers of nuggets. A small packet of golden chips makes the meal more delicious and savory.

All-Star Box with Buddy Bottle:

This is KFC ultimate combo along with crunch signature chicken burger, zinger wings; and chicken piece along with buddy bottle makes a mouthwatering meal. Customers can try this meal box to enhance their taste experience.


KFC Meal Box is presented for the clients who have various preferences and need to eat different things at the initial time. They pick their favored food as per their appetite or taste level. Each KFC Meal Box comprises on broiled chicken filets, crunchy things, sandwiches, or chicken fingers alongside tasty taste. KFC Meal Box is coordinated with offering different spices and flavors to make food things more appetizing and tasty.


KFC Meal Box consists of a variety of food items along with chips, drinks, burgers, wraps, zinger wings and much more. Customers can choose any meal box according to their taste level.

KFC Meal Box has various items in their offered meal box as small chips, zinger wings, colonel burgers, chicken pieces, nuggets and much more.

Yes, KFC Meal Box is affordable menu for customers at KFC. It is beneficial and convenient way for customers all best items in one box.

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