KFC Kids Menu and Prices List South Africa 2024

Hello Moms and Dads! If you are finding delicious and healthy fast food items with KFC Foods, then you are on the right place. Here we will tell you about KFC Kids Friendly Menu along with offered items.

KFC introduced a meal menu consisting of various healthy items that are best for kids and they enjoy their KFC kids menu. KFC use healthy ingredients along with clean, fresh and quality ingredients that prove to be rich in protein, fats, fiber, iron and other healthful nutrition. So, let’s know about all kids menu items offered by KFC in detail.

KFC Kids Menu Items with Prices

Menu ItemsItems included
The Little Colonel MealOne piece of Original Recipe chicken, mashed potatoes, and a side of corn
The Chicken Tenders MealThree chicken tenders, French fries, and a side of applesauce
Kid-Friendly Chicken OptionsChoice of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Grilled Chicken with sides like fries or coleslaw
Kid-Friendly DessertsOptions include cookies, ice cream, and milkshakes

Why to choose KFC Kids Menu?

KFC Kids Menu is very popular among parents and kids in South Africa. Parents order these KFC kids menu items for their kids by going on KFC official website or KFC app. KFC kid’s items are important because KFC prepares and offers Kids menu items by maintain kids’ health. This menu never harms kids’ health due to any serious harmful ingredients. However, Parents must know about all ingredients like Allergens, that can harm a kid’s body or health.

KFC Kids menu is best for kids because of its healthy and tasty items such as mashed potatoes, chicken tenders, fries, ice cream or milkshakes. These foods are beneficial for kids and they can enjoy their KFC fast food items in a flavorful way. So, parents should not hesitate about ordering KFC Kids menu items for their kids.

Purpose of offering Kids Menu by KFC:

KFC offers Kids menu items that are good and beneficial for both parents and kids. These foods are enjoyable for all ages and for those, who like light spices foods and eat simple fast food choices. The basic purpose of offering Kids menu items by KFC is to encourage parents to taste different flavors foods instead of home foods and recipes.

Younger dinners can enjoy this kid’s meal in a convenient way and eat this meal without facing any harm to their health as well. Ideal portion size of Kids menu items can be suitable for kids in all aspects including health, taste and enjoyment. So, parents should try this KFC Kids menu for their kids with no worries.

Why KFC Kids meal is special for Kids?

KFC Kids Menu is special for kids due to its delicious items as like fries, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes or cold dishes such as ice-cream or milkshakes. These are delicious items and turn to special for kids with more fun and enjoyment. KFC Kids meal is delivered to kids at their home along with gifts and toys that attract kids for more eating fun with toy entertainment experience as well. Therefore, KFC Kids meal is special for kids.

KFC Kids Menu options Details:

Here is complete discussion about KFC Kids menu items and deals along with their ingredients and preparations. So let’s know about KFC Kids meal items in more details.

The Little Colonel Meal:

KFC Kids menu offers The Little Colonel Meal which is consisting with one piece of Original Recipe chicken, mashed potatoes, and a side of corn. These all items are with zero spices and give delicious bites to kids. They enjoy this meal with fun and enjoyment. These items are healthy and having fiber, rich protein, iron, calcium and many other nutrition facts.

The Chicken Tenders Meal:

The Chicken Tender Meal is included with 3 chicken tenders, French fries, and a side of applesauce. This offered meal by KFC Kids is also a simple and spice-less menu. This meal is healthy and has many calories and nutrition especially Chicken Tenders, with fiber, rich protein, vitamin C, carbohydrates and much other nutrition. So, this Chicken Tender meal proved healthy choice for kids.

Kids Friendly Chicken Options:

KFC Kids Menu offers Kids-Friendly Chicken options including a Choice of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Grilled Chicken with sides like fries or coleslaw. This meal with extra crisp and crunch flavor makes kids happy due to different bites. This chicken options meal is healthy for kids for getting much nutrition such as fiber, protein, calcium, sodium etc.

Kids Friendly Desserts:

Kids Friendly Desserts offered by KFC Kids menu is special for lovers of kids. This menu included on Options includes cookies, ice cream, and milkshakes. Cookies included salted, chocolates, vanilla, cumin seeds etc. are offered to kids and ice-cream is also offered with Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla, and coconut flavors. Milkshakes offered with various flavors as like Strawberry, Mango, Oreo cookies or chocolates. Kids can order any kind of this Kid-Friendly Desserts according to their choices.

How Parents can Place order for KFC Kids Menu?

For ordering KFC Kids menu is very simple and straightforward process for parents in South Africa. Here are following steps to be followed;

  1. First of all, track your location to nearest KFC Restaurant. This can be easy by going to their official website or app at KFC Map. Choose the nearest KFC Restaurant.
  2. After going to your nearest KFC Restaurant, find KFC Kids menu and deals.
  3. Select your desired menu along with your preferred desserts.
  4. At counter, you can place order and tell the staff about your selected kids’ menu items.
  5. The cashier will tell you the total amount of chosen items. Pay the payment in the form of cash or by using card, or mobile payment.
  6. Grab your kids’ meal within few minutes and go for enjoy the kids’ meal at KFC Restaurant or anywhere. Enjoy!


KFC kids menu is exceptionally famous among guardians and children in South Africa. Guardians request these KFC kids’ menu items for their children by going on KFC official site or KFC application. KFC kids’ Items are significant in light of the fact that KFC arranged and offered Children menu things by keep up with children’s wellbeing. In spite of the fact that, Guardians should realize pretty much all fixings like Allergens that can hurt youngster’s body or wellbeing.


KFC maintains a healthy Kids menu with nutrition and healthy ingredients. But parents should know about all ingredients and Allergens according to their kids’ health.

KFC offers The Little Colonel Meal, The Chicken Tenders Meal, Kid-Friendly Chicken Options, and Kid-Friendly Desserts in KFC Kids Menu.

KFC Children menu is best for youngsters as a result of their solid and delectable things, for example, pureed potatoes, chicken strips, fries, frozen yogurt or milkshakes. These food varieties are helpful for youngsters and they can partake in their KFC cheap food things in a tasty manner.

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