KFC Drinks Menu and Prices List South Africa

Drinks are important to make our meal more flavorful and memorable. For boosting our meal satisfaction, drinks are considered as a final touch to our eating experience. For example, if you are eating your food in a hot summer day, then a cold drink sip can refresh you and double the taste value of your meal.

KFC also introduced a Drinks menu along with various choices of Drinks with different flavors. In this Article we will know about KFC Special Drinks menu along with paired KFC Food items, meals or snacks. We will discuss the Drinks’ kinds, prices and nutrition values in-depth. So, let’s get started!

KFC Drinks Menu items Price & Calories

Drinks ItemsCalories (kcal)Energy KJProteinCarbsFatsPrices
Verry Berry Krusher2551 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 42.90
Oreo Krusher11KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 42.90
1.5 Liter Coke- Sugar11KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 32.90
Chocolate Milkshake 3001258 KJ8.4g42.0g10.4gR 31.90
Strawberry Milkshake3001259 KJ8.4g42.0g10.5gR 31.90
1 Liter Coke – Sugar1 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 24.90
1.5 Liter Coke- No Sugar11 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 29.90
Coke Sugar Buddy1 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 24.90
Fanta Sugar Buddy11 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 24.90
Sprite Sugar Buddy11 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 24.90
Coke No Sugar Buddy1 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 22.90
Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher11 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 42.90
Virgin Mogito Sparkling Krusher0 KJ0.0g0.0g0.0gR 42.90
Cappy Juice155653 KJ0.0g36.0g0.0gR 20.90
Bonaqua Still Spring Water 500ML11 KJ1.0g1.0g1.0gR 19.90

Overview KFC Drinks South Africa

In South Africa, KFC offers a Drink menu along with many types and flavors. These are special drinks in your events to make them memorable along with meals or snacks. There are many options including cold drinks, Krushers, and milkshakes that are available in various tasty flavors. They are introduced for pleasing your taste buds and for un-forgetful memories.

In social interactions or families, these beverages are important to satisfying the thirst desire of your loved ones. For instance, you can sip with Coca-Cola while talking, sitting or eating with your friends in a relaxed mood. Also read: KFC Special Menu

More KFC Drinks items:

Verry Berry Krusher:

This drinks in a blend of berries and very delicious as a reviving beverage. It is available in price of R 42.90 having lot of energy and freshness for drink taker.

Oreo Krusher:

Oreo Krusher is a drink with blend of Oreo cookies and creaminess of chocolate chips. Chocolate lovers love this drink for relaxation of mind and body.

Virgin Mogito Sparkling Krusher:

Submerge yourself with the delicious drink of Virgin Mogito Sparkling Krusher which is a combination of mint, lively lime, and soft water. For a fresh mindset you have to try this super energy drink at KFC Drinks menu.

Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher:

Another strawberry blend along with Fizzy soda is Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher. This delightful and refreshing Drink is also available in KFC Drinks menu for starting your day with super energy and nutrition.

1.5 Liter Coke- No Sugar:

This is most popular and favorite drink for customers and can take along with their favorite fast food items. At events and occasions, it is an ideal and healthy drink that is available with no sugar, in order to maintain your health and body.

Strawberry Milkshake:

Strawberry Milkshake presented by KFC Drinks is the healthiest drink with the blend of strawberries and cream along with milk. This is a delicious and healthy choice for strawberry lovers as well.

Chocolate Milkshake:

Another KFC Drinks menu choice is Chocolate Milkshake which is a blend of chocolate slices and chocolate cookies along with milky creaminess. This is also a delightful and tasty milkshake for chocolate lovers for more freshness and relaxation.

Why are KFC Drinks are Popular?

Due to unique taste and health benefits, KFC Drinks are popular among customers. They enjoy drinking these drinks with or without eating their meal. They have many calories along with nutrition like fats, carbs, energy and protein. Here are some reasons about their popularity among customers;

  • KFC Drinks are prepared with quality ingredients and nutrition.
  • These Drinks are healthy and maintain nourishment in human body.
  • No sugar drinks are also available for people who are prohibited from taking sugar items.
  • There is lot of energy and nutrition that are not unhealthy at all.
  • KFC drinks can take along with dinner, lunch, sides or snacks for more enjoyment and fun.
  • KFC drinks are affordable to customers and are not much expensive.
  • Unique taste and comfort make them favorite to all customers.

Why KFC Drinks are Healthy?

KFC Drinks are prepared by healthy ingredients such as fresh and quality ingredients. However, KFC always maintain their quality foods and drinks with clean and fresh ingredients.

You should always choose foods that are healthy for you and can keep your diet balance along with energy and calories. Although, everyone should eat or take the foods or drinks according to their health conditions in order to save them from any bad experience. If you are a diabetes patient then you must choose drinks and foods with no sugar.

Allergens in KFC Drinks:

Every food has some Allergen ingredients that are not beneficial for some persons and they face negative reactions in the form of allergy as well. So you have to choose items and drinks that have no allergen ingredients and you can maintain your health and body. Here are some Allergens that KFC Drinks have;

  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Nuts/ Nuts Products
  • Gluten
  • Soya
  • Sesame seeds
  • Eggs
  • Lactose/Milk

If you have any reaction with above allergens then you should not choose that food item or drink. Always prefer to choose the item that is suitable to your health and body.

Are KFC Drinks Affordable?

KFC always adjust the prices of their foods and drinks as reasonable prices. Therefore, KFC Drinks are affordable to every customer. On the other hand, it depends on Customer’s pocket money or salary about affording their meal or drinks as well.

Moreover, Customers can check menu items according to the money they have. They also can find affordable meal or drinks at KFC menu card.


In South Africa, KFC offered a Beverage menu alongside many kinds and flavors. These are extraordinary beverages in your occasions to make them critical alongside feasts or bites. There are numerous choices including cold beverages, Krushers, and milkshakes that are accessible in different scrumptious flavors. They are presented for satisfying your taste buds and for un-distracted recollections.


The Healthiest KFC Drinks are;

  • Cold drinks with no sugar
  • Strawberry milkshake
  • Fanta Sugar Buddy
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Coke sugar Buddy

KFC Drinks are important for maximizing meal taste double. These drinks become beneficial when take along with KFC fast food items for creating a memorable and delicious moment. In friendly associations or families, these drinks are essential to fulfilling the thirst want of your friends and family.

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