KFC Delivery | Choose the One and Order Now in South Africa

If you are a foodie about Fried chicken and want delicious and quality food at your home, office, or any place then KFC Foods are best choice for you. They offer delicious fried chicken items along with Sides and Snacks, desserts and drinks. They present your favorite food at KFC restaurants and at anywhere online in South Africa. You can order your favorite deals and menu items anywhere you want.

KFC Food Delivery Places:

KFC Restaurants are located at various places in South Africa, you can physically go to your nearest KFC place and enjoy your food alone or with your loved ones. On the other hand, you can check KFC APP & Maps in South Africa to find and choose the nearest KFC Restaurant, however, you can also order your favorite fried chicken items or other items at your home, or working place anytime anywhere.

Here are some companies for KFC delivery to order your Favorite KFC menu items;

  1. KFC App
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Mr D Food
  4. KFC on WhatsApp

The above are considered as best food delivery platforms that deliver your food to your doorstep in a quick and safe manner. Let’s discuss more about these delivery companies such as their delivery charges, how to order online and much more!

In South Africa, Mr D Food is also considered the best food-delivering platform. You can order your KFC food from Mr D Food as well. You have to select the nearest Restaurant and location for easily deliver food.

Delivery Charges:

Mr D Food confirms the charge a fixed amount as a delivery fee of R 55. There are no additional charges for nearest of far locations for delivery of food items at your doorstep.

Steps to order Food via Mr D Food:

It is a straightforward method to order your food online from Mr D Food as like KFC App or Uber Eats. You have to follow the steps as follows;

  • Frist of all, you have to go to official website of Mr D Food, or you can open official App as well.
  • Login to your account, and select the location as in South Africa,
  • In KFC, you have to select your favorite food items.
  • After selecting the food items, add them in “cart”
  • Click on the “Checkout” tab and proceed with the required information as like your address, name, phone number and payment details i.e. e-wallet.
  •  After putting all necessary information. Confirm the order!

KFC App is an official application that you can install in your android devices or smartphones. You can navigate about all menus like Burgers, Streetwise options, Chicken pieces, Sides and Snack, Drinks or Desserts.

Delivery Charges:

KFC App delivers food to your doorstep without charging any extra price on your ordered items. They deliver their food items free of cost. However, there can be some additional fees according to their services.

Steps to order Food via KFC App:

To apply online KFC food from the official KFC App, you have to follow the steps as follows;

  • First of all, login to your installed KFC App.
  • At the “Menu” tab, click and navigate for your required food items such as deals, drinks, single item or drinks.
  • Select your desired food and add it in Bucket,
  • Now go to “Bucket” section by clicking on it. Click “Checkout”,
  • Enter your address along with name, phone number etc. and payment details,
  • Confirm your order! And enjoy!

Uber Eats is another platform that is very popular for delivering online items in South Africa. You can order your KFC food items by using their official application or from their official website.

Delivery Charges:

According to your location and given Address, Uber Eats charges delivery fees from R 3 to R 22.

Steps to order Food via Uber Eats:

Customers can order their food online form Uber Eats by Following the Given steps;

  • Firstly, go to official website or application of Uber Eats.
  • Now in restaurants find KFC Restaurant, or type it in the search bar,
  • In Menu section of KFC, select your desired food items; you can type KFC items in the search bar too,
  • Select the items and the “Add to Order” the items,
  • In the right top corner, click on “cart” tab and then “Go to Checkout”.
  • Enter all required details such as name, address, phone number and enter payment details also.
  • Now in the final step, click on “Save & Continue”.
  • Your Order will have be successfully Placed.

KFC on WhatsApp is considered to be the easiest and simplest way to order your food at your Doorstep. KFC allows their customer to deliver their favorite food items by using WhatsApp.

How to order KFC from WhatsApp?

To order food from your WhatsApp simple follow the guidelines as follows;

  1. Open your message box and type “Hi”,
  2. Then, simply send it at +27 63 735 5387.
  3. Now they send you all menu details and further proceeding.
  4. Select your desired food items and place order simply.


KFC is involved at different spots in South Africa; you can genuinely go to your closest KFC place and partake in your food alone or with your friends and family. You can check KFC maps in South Africa to find and pick the closest KFC Restaurants, be that as it may, you can likewise arrange your favorite KFC Food items at your home, or working spot whenever anyplace. Uber Eats, Mr. D Food, KFC official App and WhatsApp are delivering KFC in South Africa.


Yes, by using KFC you can place order and they will deliver food at your door step.

Uber Eats charge R 3 to R 22 according to location and area for delivering KFC food items.

The Companies that are providing KFC food items delivering services in South Africa are;

Uber Eats, Mr. D Food, KFC official App and WhatsApp as well.

  • Uber Eats
  • Mr. D Food
  • KFC official App
  • KFC WhatsApp as well

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