KFC Burger Menu and Price South Africa

If you are looking for a delicious and diverse KFC burger menu, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss exclusive KFC burger deals, prices and flavors that are offered to burger lovers in South Africa. KFC is a large fast food point in South Africa as considered as 12th largest fast food chain in the market. It developed in South Africa in 1971 along with 970+ locations as well. KFC is called Kentucky Fried Chicken and specialises in delicious chicken recipes for chicken lovers. After McDonald’s, it is the second biggest Fast Food market all around the world. If you are a Tourist or a resident in South Africa and also a fast food lover, then you need to stay with us to check all the KFC Menu South Africa.

KFC Burgers Menu with Prices

For exploring KFC burger menus as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

Double Crunch Burger

R. 55.90 / Kcal: 613

Colonel Burger

R. 45.90 / Kcal: 414

Zinger Burger

R. 45.90 / Kcal: 420

Snack Burger

R. 24.90 / Kcal: 376

Ghost Pepper Crunch Burger

R. 29.90 / Kcal: 389

Dunked Zinger Burger

R. 49.90 / Kcal: 414

Single Crunch Burger

R. 29.90 / Kcal: 390

Tower Burger

R. 84.90 / Kcal: 620

KFC Burger FlavorsLatest PricesIngredients
Double Crunch BurgerR. 55.90This burger contains 2 Spicy, crunchy mini fillets, tomato, Palmolein oil, cheese slices, Cake wheat Flour, and lettuce.
Colonel BurgerR 45.90Colonel Burger includes instead of one chicken fillet containing the lettuce, cheese slice, creamy colonel sauce, Palmolein oil, Cake wheat Flour, and tomato.
Zinger BurgerR 45.90It chicken fillet, Palmolein oil, Cake wheat Flour, lettuce, H & S sauce, and tomato slices.
Snack BurgerR 24.90In this Burger each Chicken patty is seasoned with salt, garlic powder, Palmolein oil, Red chill, vinegar, soya, green chili, black paper, and vinegar.
Ghost Pepper Crunch BurgerR 29.90It contains zinger fillet, nacho chips, ghost pepper sauce, mayonnaise, Japanese cucumber and tomatoes.
Dunked Zinger BurgerR 49.90It is not drizzled zinger fillet, slam dunked and BBQ in hot sauces.
Single Crunch BurgerR 29.90Burger holds the cheese, chicken fillet, mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes, Palmolein oil, Cake wheat Flour, and lettuce

KFC Burger Meals Prices:

KFC Burger Meals FlavorsLatest Prices
Double Crunch Burger MealR 84.90
Colonel Burger MealR 73.90
Tower Burger MealR 84.90
Single Crunch Burger MealR 53.90
Hawaiian Burger MealR 84.90
Zinger Burger MealR 73.90
Snack Burger MealR 48.90
Grilled Burger MealR 73.90
Zinger Tower Burger MealR 84.90

Additional KFC Burger Deals and Promotions:

KFC Deals and PromotionsLatest Prices
Crunch Burger 50/50R 12.45
Snack Burger 50/50R 8.95
Crunch Burger Anytime snackingR 29.90
Snack Burger Anytime snackingR 24.90
AM Deluxe Burger (KFC Breakfast)R 42.90
AM Snacker Burger (KFC Breakfast)R 14.90
BBQ Crunch Burger (Menu Deals)R 29.90
Original Dunked Burger Meal (Menu Deals)R 68.90
Original Dunked Burger (Menu Deals)R 43.90
Four Crunch Burger (KFC Delivery Deals)R 98.70

Nutrition Facts about KFC Burgers (Per Serving: 1 Burger):

Burger nameEnergyProteinsCarbohydratesFatCholesterolFiberSodium
Colonel Burger1732 Kj32g38g14.60g68mg2.6g1157mg
Hawaiian Burger2325 Kj36.70g58g18.70g001435mg
Double Crunch Burger2565 Kj34.60g44.00g32.60g000
Snack Burger979 Kj12.40g30.00g6.60g15mg1.7g584mg
Zinger Tower Burger3105 Kj40.10g77.00g29.00g85mg5.0g2313mg
Grilled Burger1601 Kj29.60g47.00g7.60g87mg2.8g919mg
Crunch Burger1630 Kj18.10g26.90g22.90g52mg2.0g1161mg

KFC Highest Quality of Burgers in South Africa:

In South Africa, KFC fast food is considered as a commitment to providing highest quality of food and tastes. All foods along with chicken are prepared in a hygienic environment in order to maintain the quality of food keeping health consistency in a positive manner. These fast food chains are committed to offer foods with unique tastes according to the various areas of the country. They maintain the choices and tastes of area-wise people as well.

KFC burgers are the most popular fast food all around the world including South Africa. Customers like KFC burgers for many reasons. Fresh ingredients and tastes are to be used for maintaining the calories and health of KFC Burger lovers. They focus on the quality of provided food and are considered to be important for customer’s health and life. Customers can balance their diet and choose tastes and flavors according to their preferences.

KFC introduced many burger varieties and different and delicious ingredients like chicken fillets, spicy, patties, hash browns, crispy, lettuce and much more. The varieties of burgers like colonel burger, zinger burger, crunch burger, and snack burger are most popular tastes among customers. These burgers are not only have a delicious taste with exclusive ingredients but also affordable by burger lovers instead of many other fast food brands. KFC official website always maintains a unique taste with healthy ingredients, allowing customers to choose KFC burgers.

KFC Popular Burgers Specialties:

KFC have hundreds of branches along with different flavors of Burgers according to various areas of South Africa. Here are some most popular Burgers with their special and unique nutrition facts and ingredients. Let’s explore more about delicious KFC Burgers;

Colonel Burger:

The special thing in Colonel Burger is toasted sesame seed bun which makes this burger more unique and tasty. The topping include instead of one chicken fillet containing the lettuce, cheese slice, creamy colonel sauce, Palmolein oil, Cake wheat Flour, and tomato.

Nutrition Value in KFC New Colonel Burger

  • 51g Carbs
  • 34g Protein
  • 489 Calories
  • 48g Net Carbs
  • 16g Fa

Double Crunch Burger:

KFC Double Crunch burger contains two crispy chicken fillets along with toasted sesame seed bun which makes it very crunchy and crispy to the customers. The main topping of Double Crunch Burger includes 2 Spicy, crunchy mini fillets, tomato, Palmolein oil, cheese slices, Cake wheat Flour, and lettuce.

Nutrition Value in KFC Double Crunch Burger

  • 613 Calories 
  • 23% Protein
  • 48% Fat
  •  29% Carbs

New Zinger Burger:

KFC offers a new zinger burger along with spicy zinger pieces and toasted sesame seeds bun which make it more delicious and crunchy. This Burger’s toppings include chicken fillet, Palmolein oil, Cake wheat Flour, lettuce, H & S sauce, and tomato slices.

Nutrition Value in KFC New Zinger Burger

  • 43g total carbs
  • 43g net carbs
  • 18g fat
  • 28g proteins
  • 425 calories

Snack Burger:

KFC Snack Burger is also very popular burger among KFC Burger lovers. It contains chicken petty along with salt, garlic powder, Palmolein oil, Red chill, vinegar, soya, green chili, black paper, and vinegar.

Nutrition Value in KFC Snack Burger

  • 48g total carbs
  • 45.8g net carbs
  • 14g fat
  • 14g proteins
  • 376 calories

KFC Burger Allergens Menu:

KFC Burger Allergens menu is that which inform customers about all allergen ingredients in their chosen fast foods. Allergen foods in Burgers are the ingredients that harm people in the form of allergies as like some people allergy from nuts, mayonnaise, tomatoes, cabbage etc. So, KFC maintain allergen ingredients in Burgers to customers before presenting them their ordered food of any kind. This allergen menu is an allotment for caring about customer’s health and diet.

Updated Deals and offers by KFC Burgers:

Customers have the advantage to check about KFC Burgers promotions, deals and offers up to dated and also customers can download KFC application from Google Play Store. They can find and choose any of their favorite KFC Burger deals, food items or can know about latest fast food varieties along with their prices.

KFC Burger Fast Delivery at Doorstep:

Customers anytime and anywhere can place order of their favorite Burger and can get fast delivery from KFC food places. Customers in South Africa can never miss their favorite Burger meals and offers because KFC deliver your favorite food at your doorstep in a fast way. KFC make delivery simple and fast to their customers along with their partners as Mr D Food or Ubar Eats, so that customer can get their food without missing any KFC Burger deals or meal offers.


KFC burgers are the most famous cheap food from one side of the planet to the other including South Africa. KFC presented numerous burger verities alongside various and scrumptious fixings like chicken filets, zesty, patties, hash tans, firm, lettuce and substantially more. The varieties of burgers like colonel burger, Zinger Burger, Crunch Burger, Ghost pepper Crunch Burger and Snack Burger are most famous preferences among clients.


There are many KFC burgers that are popular among customers, some of them are colonel burger, Ghost pepper Crunch Burger, zinger burger, crunch burger, and snack burger.

KFC burgers are have scrumptious taste with excusive fixings as well as reasonable by burger sweethearts rather than numerous other inexpensive food brands. KFC generally keep up with one of a kind taste with solid fixings which collaborates clients to pick KFC burgers.

KFC always maintain healthy ingredients in their foods and all kinds of meals. It provides all information about nutrition facts and allergens to customers; so that they can maintain their balanced diet.

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