KFC Bucket Menu and Price South Africa 2024

KFC Bucket Menu and Price South Africa 2024

Enjoying foods with others is a unique way of sharing. KFC Bucket Menu introduced a delicious menu called Bucket Menu for enjoying food with our loved one for creating memorable moments. In this article, we will know about KFC Bucket Menu items along with their prices, items and nutrition facts in detail. So let’s get started!

KFC Bucket Menu Items with Prices

For exploring KFC Bucket Menus as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

Bucket MenuItemsPricesKcal
9 Piece Bucket9x Piece of KFC menu boneless BucketR 182.90135
15 Piece Bucket15x pieces of KFC bucket of chickenR 279.90225
21 Piece Bucket21x pieces of KFC bucket of chickenR365.90315
KFC Streetwise Bucket for one2x Zinger wings
1x  Originally recipe chicken piece
1x Scrumptious chips
4 Dunked wings R 29.90359
10 Dunked wings R 64.901204
4 Zinger wingsChicken pieces coated with spices and breading flour.R 24.90359
10 Zinger wingsChicken pieces coated with spices and breading flour.R 54.901204
24 Zinger Wings BucketChicken pieces coated with spices and breading flour.R 129.902510

KFC Bucket Menu Item Details

9/15/21 Piece Bucket:

KFC Piece Bucket contains on variety of chicken wings along with chicken breast, wings, drumsticks and thighs. The ingredients used in KFC Piece Bucket are breading salt, palmolein oil; breading flour, milk, eggs and seasoning which make the food more delicious and tasty. Prepared chicken pieces are very juicy and tender which gives customers a mouthwatering experience.

Chicken piece buckets have many calories and fats to maintain healthy and balanced diet. All ingredients that are used in its recipe are fresh, clean, healthy and quality items; so that customer can maintain their health level. Allergens like Mustard, MSG, Celery, Sesame Seeds, Gluten, and Milk. So, make sure these allergens harm your health or not.

4/10 Dunked Wings:

KFC introduced Dunked wings along with unique taste with coated chicken wings. This is a spicy food offering for customers that are spice lovers. The result of prepared Dunked wings is super crunchy, juicy, and spicy. Main ingredients used in Dunked wings are palmolein oil, honey sauce, ginger sauce, soy sauce, crispy breader and breading flour. These all super ingredients make the wings more crispy and savory.

Dunked wings offered by KFC Bucket Menu are prepared by special spices and crunch that make every bite delightful. However, it has some allergens like eggs, soy or gluten that harm some customers due to allergies; so they have to eat food that is suitable to their health.

24/10/4 Zinger Wings Bucket:

KFC 24 Wings Bucket is a combination of tender chicken wings coated with spices and tasty blend to make it more delicious and mouthwatering item. Spices in wings make them more savory and delicious for spicy food lovers. 24 Wings Bucket are provided to customers with a deal of 4 zinger wings and 10 zinger wings as well. The texture of wings is crispy and spicy with juicy flavor.

Grab this healthy wings bucket prepared with the ingredients chicken, palmolein oil, Garlic & Onion powder, breading flour and crispy breader. The combination of all ingredients makes the recipe juicy and crispy. However, it contains some allergens such as Mustard, MSG, Celery, Gluten, and Milk. If you are allergic to anything from these, then you should be very careful when choosing it.

KFC Streetwise Bucket for one:

KFC Streetwise Bucket for one is a deal having 2 Zinger wings, 1 chicken piece, 1 Scrumptious chips. This is a meal offered by KFC for one and is enough for lunch or dinner meal. Customers can enjoy this streetwise bucket menu along with their favorite cold drink.

KFC Streetwise Bucket for one is a combination of tastes along with spices and crisp that makes every bite delightful and tasty. This is a healthy bucket having protein, fat and other nutrition. Customers can maintain their health and balance their diet by eating this bucket as well. All ingredients are fresh, clean and super healthy that is best for human health.

Customers can carry this bucket easily for sharing food with their friends or family. Although, it has some allergens that can harm customers if they have any allergy form the ingredients such as eggs, soya, MSG, gluten, celery, sesame seeds or mustard.

Nutrition facts about KFC Bucket menu items:

KFC Menu South Africa has nutrition values that keep customers healthy and energized. All KFC Bucket menu items consisting nutrition values as like one chicken breast containing 390 calories, 1190 mg sodium, 11g carbohydrate, 39g protein, 21g fat and 4g saturated fat. More KFC Bucket menu items have following nutrition facts as follows;

Bucket MenuEnergy (KJ)ProteinTotal FatVitamin CCalciumSaturated FatSugar
9 Piece Bucket0 KJ0.0g0.0g0.0g0.0g
15 Piece Bucket13 KJ12.0g2.0g2.0g7.0g
21 Piece Bucket7 KJ7.0g7.0g7.0g7.0g
KFC Streetwise Bucket for one1.0g Per Portion1.0g Per Portion1.0mg Per Portion1.0mg Per Portion1.0g Per Portion1.0g Per Portion
4 Dunked wings1711 kJ23.2g25.3g13.0mg45.0 mg10.3g10.7g
10 Dunked wings4278 kJ57.9g63.4g33.0 mg112.5 mg25.7g26.8g
4 Zinger wings1513 kJ23.0g25.1g5.0 mg36.2 mg10.2g0.0g
10 Zinger wings3783 kJ57.5g62.8g3.3 mg90.4 mg25.6g0.0g
24 Wings Bucket9016 kJ 155.0g121.3g35.0 mg136.7 mg40.1g0.0g


KFC Bucket menu is introduced by KFC for chicken lovers along with KFC Dunked Wings, Zinger Wings, KFC Streetwise Bucket for one and delicious chicken pieces. All food items in KFC Bucket menu consisting spices and crunch in every bite and customers enjoy their food in a mouthwatering sense. This KFC Bucket menu is prepared with high calories, fats, calcium, sugar and many other nutrition that maintain the health and diet of customers in a delicious manner.


Yes, KFC introduced this KFC Bucket menu in reasonable prices and can be affordable by every customer that loved KFC Foods.

KFC Bucket menu is basically consisting on chicken products; however, customers can choose any other KFC items that are good for vegetarians as like sides, chips or snacks.

Yes, you can place order at their official app or website and can enjoy your preferred KFC Bucket menu at home or office.

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