KFC Breakfast Menu and Prices South Africa 2024

If you want your breakfast in a mouthwatering taste with the KFC Breakfast Menu then you are at right place. Here we will discuss about KFC Breakfast Menu in a deep dive along with products, descriptions and prices. So keep reading the post!

KFC Breakfast Menu is an exciting way to enjoy breakfast for start a joyful day. KFC Breakfast will turn your taste buds into a mouthwatering form due to its flavorful and delicious food items and meals. KFC is not all about legendary fries but also offers a tasty breakfast menu to start your day full of joy.

KFC Breakfast includes all items regarding breakfast as like crunch wrap, chicken piece buckets, sandwiches, buns and egg dishes.

KFC Breakfast Menu Items with Prices

For exploring KFC Breakfast Menu as like flavors, deals and prices keep reading this page.

ItemsDescriptionPricesCalories (kcal)
A.M. Crunch WrapTortilla and mini fillet with egg and cheese with Colonel dressing is included in this flavorful crunch wrap.  R 45.90
Cappy JuiceOrange flavorful blend with 100% organic fruit.R 20.90155
15 Piece BucketChicken pieces with the combination of crisp and crunch with a spicy touch.R 279.903.1
21 Piece BucketR 365.901.6
9 Piece BucketR 182.90
10 Zinger WingsChicken pieces, breading Flour and wings coated with spices to make them juicy and crunchy.R 89.90900
A.M. Snacker PattyA soft bun including a tender chicken patty, egg, colonel, and a slice of cheese.R 36.90
10 Dunked WingsChicken pieces coated with spices, and sauces along with breading flour, crispy breader and palmolein oil.R 104.901020
A.M. Riser PattyA snack bun with eggs, colonel, cheese, and tomato sauce.R 36.90
4 Zinger WingsR 48.90361
4 Dunked WingsR 54.90265
Brekkie Crunch BurgerA soft bun including eggs, mini fillets, colonel dressing and cheese.R 45.90383
A.M. Delux with EggA combination of crispy chicken fillet, whole egg, a slice of tasty cheese, tomato ketchup, and colonel dressing.R 66.90692

KFC Classic Breakfast Menu

Classic menu itemsDescriptionPrices
KFC Colonel’s Breakfast BoxA delicious items box consisting on baked buttermilk biscuit, scrambled eggs, a hash brown and a sausage patty.R 34.99
Egg and cheese TwisterA warm tortilla filled with scrambled eggs and melted cheese.R 24.99
Hotcake and SyrupA fluffy hotcake along with a drizzled golden syrup.R 19.99

KFC Breakfast special Creations

Menu itemsDescriptionPrices
Cheddar and Bacon Farmer’s OmeletAn omelet filled with cheese, crispy bacon and fresh vegetables.R 42.99
Chicken and egg MuffinA Muffin filled with chicken fillets, egg and mayonnaise.R 29.99
Breakfast Crunch WrapA crunch wrap with scrambled eggs, cheese, hash browns and sausage.R 36.99

KFC Breakfast with On-the Go Snacks:

Menu itemsDescriptionPrices
Mini Bacon with Egg RollA fluffy egg with crispy bacon.R 14.99
Yogurt parfaitLayers of yogurt, granola and berries.R 22.99

KFC Breakfast Deals:

Deals itemsDescriptionPrices
Early Riser ComboA combo of a regular coffee and a hash brownR 39.99
Breakfast for TwoTwo colonel breakfast boxes along with scrambled eggs, a hash brown, a sausage patty and a buttermilk biscuit.R 69.99
Twister DuoSelect any two Twister breakfast wraps.R 49.99
Family Breakfast FeastFeast includes with four egg and cheese Twisters, Four Hotcake Syrup and a large coffee.R 99.99
Student Breakfast SpecialAn egg and cheese Twister, a hash brown and a regular coffee.R 29.99
Build your BreakfastSelect your own breakfast menu including hotcake, muffin or wraps.

More about KFC Breakfast Menu items:

Let’s discuss menu items for KFC Breakfast:

A.M. Crunch Wrap:

A.M. Crunch wrap is a combination of cheese slices, chicken fillets, corn dressing, fresh tomato sauce, and a fried egg in a warm tortilla. It is a healthy fast food at the KFC South African menu.

Cappy Juice:

KFC Cappy juice is a blend of orange fruit with complete fat-free. It is 100% organic and healthy juice along with delicious taste. This natural fruit Cappy juice provide healthy nutrients to human body that is considered as a plus point for customers.

Piece Buckets:

Piece Bucket is consist on chicken pieces in the form of crunch and tender taste. The pieces are coated with spicy and crispy ingredients to make more delicious and tasty.

Zinger Wings:

KFC zinger wings are chicken pieces and wings that are coated with spices to make them flavorful in every bite. The spiciness of Zinger wings makes the chicken pieces mouthwatering and delicious.

Dunked Wings:

KFC Dunked wings are chicken wings that are prepared with spices and sauces to make them more juicy and savory. These dunked wings are healthy and full of nutrients having high proteins as well.

Brekkie Crunch Burger:

Brekkie Crunch Burger offered by KFC is a soft bun along with fried eggs, chicken fillets and a slice of cheese. This burger is juicy and spicy healthy item by KFC at your breakfast.

A.M. Delux with Egg:

KFC A.M. Delux with egg is a healthy breakfast item along with egg, colonel dressing and other spices. Hash brown ingredients like black pepper extract, water and corn starch are used for making it more delicious.

A.M. Snacker Patty:

A.M. Snacker patty is a soft bun along with cheese, eggs, chicken patty and colonel that make it more delicious and savory. This sandwich becomes very delicious with chicken patty and cheese.

A.M. Riser Patty:

KFC A.M. Riser Patty is a combination of a snack bun as the healthiest and delicious item in your breakfast menu. Cheese, tomato sauce and eggs are used in preparing this Riser Patty to make it more mouthwatering item.

KFC Breakfast menu timings in South Africa:

The timings of KFC Breakfast can vary according to the nearest restaurant. However, it is fixed timings form Sunday to Saturday as 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

Allergens in KFC Breakfast Menu items:

Allergens are foods that react in human body in a negative way. These allergies or reactions can be mild or severe. KFC always maintain customers’ health by mentioning ingredients as like Allergens, gluten free foods along with nutrition facts. So that, customers can chooses their menu according to their health. Customers also can check KFC provided allergen report about their breakfast menu items.

KFC Breakfast menu have some allergen ingredients in their breakfast items as like;

  • Milk/lactose
  • Sesame seeds
  • Eggs
  • Mustard
  • Celery
  • Gluten
  • Sulfur Dioxide

KFC Breakfast Nutrition and calories facts:

KFC always maintain a healthy and full of calories environment for their customers by using healthy ingredients in their foods. You have to know about energy counts and nutrition facts of all foods that are you eating in your daily life. KFC Breakfast menu represents all food items along with calories counts, energy level, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, calcium etc.

KFC Breakfast items are prepared with healthy, fresh, clean and quality ingredients so that customers can maintain their health and balanced diet. Customers can follow allergens facts provided by KFC, and also can check ingredients about gluten free foods. Chicken fillets, fried chicken or fries have much oil while frying so they can cause more fat and calories that can harm human body.

In short, customers should choose food according to their health and suitable diet. By knowing all ingredients and nutrition facts, customers can enjoy their healthy and delicious breakfast.


KFC Breakfast Menu is an energized way for getting a charge out of breakfast for beginning a joyful day. KFC Breakfast Menu will turn your taste buds in a delectable structure because of its delightful and heavenly food things and feasts. KFC isn’t about unbelievable fries, yet additionally offers a delectable breakfast menu to begin your day exuberant. KFC Breakfast incorporates all things seeing breakfast as like crunch wrap, chicken piece cans, sandwiches, buns and egg dishes.


No, KFC Breakfast Timings are from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM and customers have to follow timings to enjoy their breakfast.

Yes, KFC maintains Nutrition facts about their all provided items including KFC Breakfast menu.

KFC maintain the quality of foods that are used in their items as like clean, fresh and healthy ingredients. So it can be considered to take KFC Breakfast as a healthy menu.

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